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The exclusiveness of travertine marble, a timeless material

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Travertine marble is widely used in interior design to coat different types of surfaces, inside and outside alike. Its timeless aesthetic is ideal to create polyvalent and robust elements perfect for design purposes, which are also unalterable.

Tavertine tile

Travertine top coating in design

The effect of nature found in stone can be adapted to any type of design and elements conceivable; from a more traditional project to another more avant-garde. Its surface composition allows for different top coats, depending on how it is used. A classic polished surface is always an option. This specific type of coating will reflect surrounding objects like a mirror, giving it a special aspect.

More natural and less shiny, a honed finish will stand out and infuse character into the marble texture and colour. With his smooth look, it will become the main feature of the room.

If you opt for an aged coating, you’ll give centre stage to the stone’s unique properties. Being a bit rough, the surface becomes a special feature of the place, filled with personality.

On the other hand, unpolished travertine panels uphold the original colour and texture of the stone, providing strength and refinement.

Travertine marble and its uses

Tavertine tile

Traditional kitchen with a wall coated in travertine marble.

From floors to facades, walls, worktops, shower trays and sinks, travertine can be used everywhere in the house, in hotels, in restaurants, etc.

Placed on inside walls, it instils panache and harmony; it’s an easy fit for different styles. Used for interior floors, it confers an upscale and serene feel to the place, also blending in perfectly with other fine materials featured in the decoration.

Travertine is a safe value when used outside given its strength and durability; it is, therefore, ideal for stylish and simple spaces. Expertly placed on the edge of the pool, on a garden walkway or around the office, it infuses timeless style and grace.

Furthermore, a facade made of travertine panels will be bright, smart and tough. For example, the Roman buildings and structures made of this exclusive material still remain standing to this day. Buildings coated with marble equally radiate exclusiveness, modernity, and class.

Inside the house, rooms will be transformed by the worktops designed in travertine. It can also be tailored for more practical uses without losing its beauty or style, adding a classic or a more modern touch, sophisticated or rustic.

All of these benefits also include easy maintenance, which does not require any treatments or special products. The travertine marble colour will also not fade under direct sunlight and will resist fire and heat.

Natural Collection offers the upscale and technological material Dekton, which drew its inspiration from the purity of natural stones to create unique and singular coatings that match the functional and aesthetic needs of any room. A rich material filled with pure harmony and timeless finesse. Dekton re-harnesses nature delivering increasingly better performances for its longevity, strength and low maintenance.

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