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Cosentino at Casa Decor 2019, Madrid


Cosentino at Casa Decor 2019

Cosentino at Casa Decor 2019, Miami: What to Expect 

Cosentino is once again showcasing its surfaces at Casa Decor 2019. Taking place in Madrid every year, Casa Decor is a high-end interior design exhibition.

The exhibition is open to the public from 24 January to 10 March in a uniquely historic building. This year up to fifty different areas will be decorated by renowned decorators and interior designers. Now in its 54th year, the show is being held at Calle Núñez de Balboa 86.

Cosentino products can be found throughout Casa Decor 2019, including displays of its innovative Silestone®, Dekton® and Sensa surfaces in the following areas:


Club Privado - Cosentino at Casa Decor Madrid 2019

Club Privado

By Soledad Ordóñez Giordano | Studio: BON TEMPS – LES ESPACES

Area 13 – 1st floor

Used for: Bar and shelf lining

Cosentino materials: Dekton® Arga

Used for: Bar and table top

Cosentino materials: Natural Stone by Cosentino, White Onix

 Hotel Lobby - Cosentino at Casa Decor 2019

Hotel Lobby

GIRA IBÉRICA area | By Ele Room 62

Area 45 – 3rd floor

Used for: flooring

Cosentino materials: Dekton® Taga


Public Toilets - Cosentino at Casa Decor 2019

Public Toilets

By Cynthia Román

Area 44 – 3rd floor

Used for: Bathroom countertop

Cosentino materials: Sensa by Cosentino, Moak Black


 Home Bar - Cosentino at Casa Decor 2019

Home Bar

IMPAR CAPITAL area | By Impar Arquitectura&Management

 Area 54 – 4th floor

Used for: Table tops

Cosentino materials: Silestone® Eternal Marquina and Pearl Jasmine. Dekton® Vera


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