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Designing Custom Bathroom Countertops

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Encimeras de baño a medidaModern bathroom with stone floor


Luxury bathrooms have all the amenities, and it is up to designers and architects to achieve a tasteful yet functional arrangement of all of these “necessities.” One of the most important features of a well-appointed bathroom is of course a custom vanity top. When choosing materials, consider the play of contrasts between the cabinetry, the surface, your lighting, flooring and the style of tubs and showers as well. Accent your bathroom countertops and sinks with bespoke hardware, mirrors and lighting. One should remember that the bathroom space, particularly in the master suite, is meant to be a personal refuge, a place of relaxation and luxury. Whatever your style, from romantic traditional luxury to super contemporary, there is a gorgeous surface choice for your oasis. Our gallery of outstanding designs for beautiful custom bathroom countertops will inspire you.


Customized vanity top: How to choose one?

One of the things that stand out in a luxury bathroom is the vanity top, and it is the designers, decorators and architects mission to find the best vanity top to create a functional, but also stylish and upscale bathroom. And what is more exclusive then a tailored bathroom? In this post, we will show you the importance of customized vanity tops and we will guide you to choose the ideal option to enjoy a the perfect bathroom.

An Inspired Contemporary Bathroom with Custom Vanity Top Designs

Encimeras de baño a medidaMakai floor, Dekton by Cosentino

MCA Studio’s wonderfully modern bathroom design includes the touch of light wood, curved modern lines, mirrors and a fantastic jewel of a sink. A fantastic skylight imbues the room with natural light. This contemporary luxury style bathroom is a surprising space, its narrow footprint has not limited the opulence of the design, rather the designer has taken advantage of the narrow verticality of the room.

The vertical layout of the storage spaces, as well as the large drawer, allows you to enjoy a more organized and uncluttered bathroom.

Avant-garde bathroom: a new monochromatic perspective

Encimeras de baño a medidaBubbles, Silestone by Cosentino


This ultra-modern bathroom is a riveting contrast of greys, blacks and white and has an indoor-outdoor feeling achieved by a wonderful bank of windows and a skylight. Imagine bathing next to a garden, the lighting warming the room. A super sleek glass enclosed shower offsets the Silestone natural quartz and black vanity with a Lavabo washbasin. This is a room of beautiful minimalism that retains at the same, a sense of true luxury. An excellent example of a project in which the designer and architect have simply taken advantage of the placement of bathrooms and kitchens in the back of the structure in the old-fashioned way and transformed this relegation of plumbing into a garden oasis.

Organic style bathroom: the durability of natural features

Encimeras de baño a medida

This organic space has an indoor garden and is the definition of the oasis spa bathroom with custom vanity sinks and touches of wood and stone. The grain tastefully contrasts with the monochrome scheme as well as the natural stone tiles. The circular sink in the custom bathroom countertop and elegantly geometric fixtures give a sense of opulence. A feeling of comfort is achieved with the addition of sophisticated use of stone, marble and concrete. Modern yet with a sense of the outdoors and the organic.

Classic or vintage style bathrooms: Contrasting black and gold

Encimeras de baño a medidaClassic bathroom

Many seek a feminine look in for the bathroom, associating this style with a sense of pampering and beauty.

A picture of classic femininity, this traditional style bathroom has a contemporary touch to it with the custom vanity top with a dresser. The sink and the old-fashioned claw foot tub is artfully embellished with beautiful gold fixtures Touches of black and a gold speckled tile backsplash make this delightful bathroom into an au courant version of the enduringly popular Hollywood Regency style.

Whether you are working with a historic renovation or new construction, there is always a luxurious material or surface such as silestone that can be added to your custom bathroom. In particular, the centrepiece like vanity and sink act as an anchor and focal point. Choosing a fine material for this important bathroom feature is a sure bet every time to creating a memorable space. Make a space full of colour, texture, opulence and rarity and even an enduring classicism for many years to come.

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