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Inside the Kitchens from Selling Houses Australia 2019

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Cosentino loved partnering with Selling Houses Australia on season 12, which aired from March to May 2019. The hosts Andrew Winter, Shaynna Blaze and Charlie Albone provide practical advice to homeowners wanting to enter the property market and help transform their homes into more sellable houses. Here’s a wrap up of the houses that are now lucky enough to feature Silestone®.

Normanhurst – Silestone® Calacatta Gold
This Normanhurst home had a tiny, mismatched kitchen that was original to the 1960s house where Lyn had lived for 38 years. Removing the old kitchen, the new one now has a large island with Silestone® Calacatta Gold benchtops.


Balmain – Silestone® Bianco Calacatta
Fran and Freddy wanted to downsize from their heritage-listed house in Balmain and move to the Sunshine Coast. Shaynna had to work with the current footprint of the house and think outside the box. She increased the size of the kitchen and incorporated the beautiful sandstone, complemented by Silestone® Bianco Calacatta benchtops and white and navy cabinetry.


Inverloch – Silestone® Snowy Ibiza
Fleur and Tony’s quirky, unusual house needed lightening and brightening. Shaynna replaced the old kitchen with a new industrial-style kitchen with Silestone® Snowy Ibiza benchtops offering a crisp white, durable and long-lasting surface.


Gold Coast – Silestone® Blanco Zeus
Indiana is living the dream with million-dollar views through every window of her Gold Coast houseboat. But the interior was dated and dingy and unappealing to buyers. The galley kitchen was small and tired and the high cupboards encroached on the space. Shaynna designed a new kitchen with a Silestone® Blanco Zeus bench to brighten the space and make it more liveable.


Pymble – Silestone® Pearl Jasmine and Silestone® Blanco Zeus
Charles and Dale’s home is more than 100 years old and has a very odd floor plan and mismatched rooms due to the renovations and extensions over the years. Shaynna focussed on the areas that attract buyers: the kitchen, family room and master suite. The engineer approved removing a wall between the kitchen and living area to create a modern open-plan space, and the new Silestone® Pearl Jasmine and Silestone® Blanco Zeus surfaces will see the kitchen through another 100 years.


Mulgrave – Silestone® Bianco River
Anand wants to move his family to the warmer climate of Queensland, but first had to sell his Mulgrave house. It was stuck in 1970s with a kitchen away between a hallway and the dining table. Removing the wall between the kitchen and dining opened the house up, and the new kitchen includes a dining bench with Silestone® Bianco River benchtops.


Queanbeyan – Silestone® Charcoal Soapstone
Frances’ four-bedroom house was too large for her and her Golden Retriever. It was also worn around the edges and had too much purple to be attractive to buyers. Shaynna focused on the kitchen, which was 30 years out of date and had a mish mash of materials including a strange contrast of light and dark colours. She simplified the palette with white joinery and Silestone® Charcoal Soapstone benchtops and incorporated a large island to give create better functionality.


Dolphin Point – Silestone® Iconic White and Dekton® Ventus
Steve and Serena needed to sell their much-loved house to raise funds for the son’s medical treatment. Shaynna wanted to untangle the floor plan that had become confused over the years. She transformed the ensuite-size bathroom into something fit for a family, using Silestone® Iconic White on the bathroom vanity and wall. Shaynna also used Silestone® Iconic White on the kitchen benchtops and added more space and cabinetry. Dekton® Venus provides a durable, flame-resistant surface around the fireplace.

Selling Houses Australia, stream all episodes on Foxtel on demand via internet connected iQ3 and iQ4 boxes, on devices with Foxtel Go, and via Foxtel Now.

Learn more about Silestone® products here.

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