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Cosentino Introduces New Silence and Reflection Washbasins into its Bathroom Collection

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The world leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, Cosentino is launching two new washbasins, Silence and Reflection into its Bathroom Collection. Benefiting from elegant, contemporary styling with clean lines, the Silence and Reflection washbasins are a great solution for modern environments in both consumer and commercial settings.

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Cosentino Silence Washbasin shown in Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme

Beautiful and practical, the Cosentino bathroom collection benefits from a great choice of shower tray and washbasin models in a variety of sizes for maximum flexibility and creativity. Large custom made components can also be used to create bath surrounds, shower enclosures, wall cladding and flooring with minimal joins for a fresh and bright appearance.

Available in ten stunning designs (Elegance, Armony, Balance, Equilibrium, Symmetry, Basic, Simplicity, Exclusive, Silence and Reflection) Cosentino washbasins can be wall mounted for a floating appearance, placed on top of a vanity unit or integrated into a vanity unit. The Balance and Equilibrium models incorporate a vanity top and basin, which is supported by a design leg to create a statement piece of furniture. Custom made, the washbasins can measure from 40cm to 60cm wide and 80cm to 280cm long.

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Cosentino Reflection Washbasin shown in Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme

Cosentino shower trays are available in seven models (Ducal, Kador, Fresh, Doppio, Freccia, Bubbles and Flow). Each shower tray has its own unique design, from Ducal that has a sophisticated sculpted spiral through to Kador, which has a stripy finish that is achieved through sandblasting. Custom made, the shower trays can measure up to 140cm wide and from 75cm to 200cm long.

The Cosentino Bathroom Collection is available in all Silestone® and Eco by Cosentino® colours.

Made from over 90% natural quartz crystals, Silestone® by Cosentino worksurfaces have nearly four to five times the flexural strength of granite. Stain and scratch resistant, Silestone® worksurfaces benefit from a ten-year warranty as well as a shade and consistency that is not found in natural stone.

The revolutionary worksurface, ECO by Cosentino® is composed of 75% recycled raw materials, including salvaged mirrors, glass from windows and bottles as well as porcelain from china, tiles and sinks.  The recycled content is mixed with other materials including stone waste and is bonded together with a part eco-resin, which contains 20% corn oil.  Achieved through state-of-the-art technology, the worktops are extremely durable and are highly resistant to impact, chemical products or scratches.

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