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Cosentino’s International Competition for Students – The Cosentino Design Challenge 8 Opens for Entries

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  • The competition, which consists of two categories – Architecture and Design – is open to students of these disciplines from all over the world
  • The competition is open for submissions from 28 February to 1 June 2014, and entries may only be submitted via the website
  • Fourteen prestigious international schools and institutions actively participate in the Cosentino Group’s international student competition
  • The Cosentino Group has created a video that explains the participation process, encouraging students worldwide to take part:

The world leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, Cosentino has launched its 8th international Cosentino Design Challenge. Entries can be submitted from today (28 February) until 1 June 2014, and will only be accepted in digital format via the website:

The Cosentino Design Challenge is open to all students enrolled during the 2013-2014 academic year at any school or centre of higher education for design, architecture or interior architecture anywhere in the world.

The Cosentino Design Challenge is an international competition with collaborations from fourteen prestigious international schools and institutions.

The 8th edition’s Design category focuses on “Cosentino and art”; entrants are free to choose their own work area or surface, but have to give careful consideration to the relationship between art, space, the observer and Cosentino products.

The Architecture category consists of taking a historic or iconic building anywhere in the world, changing its primary use to another of the participant’s choice and paying special attention to its skin.

In both cases, Cosentino aims to harness and develop students’ talent while promoting research into the different conceptual approaches to the layout of spaces and the construction materials and systems that define them, using materials from Cosentino’s® wide range of products in their final projects.

There are three first prizes of 1,000 euros each for both categories, totalling 6,000 euros in prize money.

The judges comprise of well-known and respected figures in the world of architecture and design. The judges will meet and make their decision and announcement in June 2014.

For more information about the competition and the rules, please visit: /

The Cosentino Group has created an original video that explains the participation process and encourages students worldwide to take part:

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