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Kitchen Island Ideas

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A kitchen island is often top of the list when designing a dream kitchen. With so many different kitchen island ideas available, we have selected some of our favourite suggestions below.

Silestone Pearl Jasmine kitchen island

Drop Edges

Drop edges are a popular design option for kitchen islands. Sometimes referred to as a waterfall worktop, a drop edge is where one or more sides of an island or breakfast bar are clad in the same design as the worktop. This shows off statement surfaces, such as those with bold veining. It can also hide cabinets and appliances.

Dekton Slim Kreta cabinetry cladding

Cladding Cabinet Doors

Cladding cabinet doors can maximise storage without interrupting the lines of the island. Our new 4mm Dekton Slim surface is great for this due to its thin and light weight format. It is also more cost effective than standard thicknesses for cladding. It’s then possible to opt for a more practical thickness in a matching design for the worktop.

Sheraton Interiors Silestone Calacatta Gold kitchen island with seating


For many dreaming of kitchen islands ideas, their dream set up would include a seating area. Perfect for entertaining and family breakfasts, island seating can transform the area. A recess can be designed with a drop edge, which helps to neatly hide bar stools, as seen in this kitchen by Sheraton Interiors.  With over five times the strength of granite, Dekton can be installed in thinner thicknesses over greater spans. This allows for up to a 12 inch unsupported overhang, making it an ideal material creating for a casual dining set up.

Kitchen Island Ideas

Mix and Match

Whilst there are many different kitchen island ideas around, opting for varying heights is sure to make your design stand out. It can also be a clear way to zone areas. Higher areas can be paired with seating for dining or even ergonomically designed for food preparation. Why stop at different heights? Mixing materials can create a unique look. Irish studio, Designer Kitchens by Morgan was behind this luxury space with a striking island. Inspired by art deco, the design combines Silestone Lagoon and Dekton Kelya to complement the bold, monochrome palette.

Silestone Integrity Q Kitchen Sink

Add a Sink

A sink is a practical addition to a kitchen island. The Silestone Integrity sink range offers different designs and sizes to suit a variety of interior styles, including both single and double bowls. Made from a single piece of Silestone, they are a hardwearing option for a busy kitchen, with a high resistance to scratches and stains. What’s more, it is possible to match your sink to your worktop, ideal for modern or minimal spaces. The latest model is the Integrity Q, which has small curved corners and look would great paired with a striking tap. Instant hot water taps have benefits for cooking and cleaning, plus many models have anti-scald locks for peace of mind.

A Final Tip…

It would be easy to get carried away with all the different kitchen island ideas available! However, it is important to keep in mind how you will be using the space. For example, if you desire a social kitchen, then including an area for seating might be more of a priority than extra cupboards. Your kitchen designer should ask questions about your lifestyle and your requirements to ensure that your space is perfectly suited to your needs. Find your nearest Cosentino Elite Studio here.

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