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Top Tips to Enhance Your Wellbeing at Home

Wellbeing at Home

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our home has been both our refuge and living space, becoming a place of work and study as well as a place of leisure and relaxation.

Over these challenging months, we have changed our way of thinking to be in the present and enjoy quality time spent with our household. With so much time being spent at home, decorating and adapting the home to our needs has become more important than ever.

Paradigm shift in personal care

New behaviours and rituals have been emerging, not only with cleaning and hygiene but also with the order and decoration of our homes – ensuring that we feel comfortable and enjoy our private spaces while they provide us with protection, care, well-being and a sense of belonging.

Good hygiene and health habits at home

Top tips for maintaining hygiene at home:

  • Frequently clean your hands, especially when returning from outside.
  • Avoid cross contamination by maintaining the hygiene of food and utensils before, during and after cooking.
  • Ventilate spaces daily.
  • Regularly clean and disinfect surfaces and floors.
  • Properly store food, consuming it before its expiration date to avoid waste

Decoration and well-being of the private space

By decorating your home to your preference, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed, therefore increasing wellbeing.

Top tips for decorating your home

  • Try enlarging or renovating spaces to comfortably combine leisure and work.
  • Incorporate useful technology to help with your routine.
  • Embrace open spaces.
  • Create sustainable spaces, making the most of natural light.
  • Choose colours and decorative objects that you love, to bring you joy and personalise the space.

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