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The conversion of three flats into a single luxury home is taken to the next level thanks to Cosentino

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The conversion of three flats into a single luxury home is taken to the next level thanks to Cosentino

Leal Ribas Arquitetura

Image 33 of 1.jpg?auto=format%2Ccompress&ixlib=php 3.3 in The conversion of three flats into a single luxury home is taken to the next level thanks to Cosentino - Cosentino


Curitiba, Paraná (Brazil)


Dekton and Silestone


Indoor and outdoor flooring, swimming pool, kitchen, bathroom and laundry room worktops, table and indoor stairs


8 mm | 12 mm | 20 mm 

Architecture / Design

Leal Ribas Arquitetura


Dekton Keon, Aura, Entzo, Glacier, Domoos  |  Silestone Miami White17, Cemento SPA, Eternal Marquina

End date



4,193 sq. ft.

A comfortable, elegant and private three-storey home

Converting three floors of a residential building into a single family dwelling. This was the project developed by Leal Ribas, a studio based in Curitiba, Paraná (Brazil). The 600-metre space has been completely refurbished to meet the needs of a couple and their two daughters “with a lot of comfort, luxury, privacy and functionality”, in the words of the studio. The aim was “to transform the space into a haven for the family”.

According to the studio, to achieve this they used materials that “have comfort, modernity and technology in their DNA”. “That is why we chose Dekton and Silestone, both from Cosentino”. In fact, the ultra-compact Dekton surface was used for the garden flooring, the swimming pool cladding and all the worktops in the bathrooms, the laundry room and the gourmet kitchen, demonstrating its great versatility. As for Silestone, it was used for some furniture, including the living room table, as well as for the indoor flooring.

Echoes of fine marbles thanks to Silestone and Dekton

“With a contemporary language, the project connects the different social spaces, prioritising comfort and functionality”, the studio says. Therefore, the most social and open-plan spaces are located on the first floor, which also has a bathroom (featuring a modern grey finish in Silestone Cemento Spa), a guest room and a gourmet kitchen. 

The kitchen is equipped with a worktop in Dekton Aura, whose surface evokes the fine patterns of Calacatta and Carrara marbles, as well as a 5 m2 bespoke table in Silestone Eternal Marquina, a black background crossed by white veins reminiscent of Marquina marble (Spanish black marble).

Also on the first floor are the living room and dining room, with direct access to the garden, where the star of this home is located: a heated swimming pool with automated retractable awning by M.Decor and featuring Dekton Keon. 

Dekton Keon for a modern and functional heated swimming pool

The light and bright shade of Dekton Keon is perfect for modern spaces and brings naturalness to the swimming pool. Dekton’s technical and high performance properties, including its low porosity, give this space the required quality.

Also in the same area, Dekton Keon was used for the spa and garden flooring, with landscaping by William Greboge. To complement this leisure area, there is a private and fully equipped gym for the exclusive use of the owners. Dekton Domoos, a graphite black tone, was the surface chosen for the countertop and washbasin in the gym bathroom.

Dekton Entzo and Dekton Glacier for bathrooms with character

On the second floor are the two daughters’ bedrooms, each with an en suite bathroom. One of them has a washbasin and countertop in Dekton Entzo, a colour inspired by Calacatta Gold marble whose random golden veining exudes realism and naturalness. The other features Dekton Glacier, an ultra glossy surface with fine golden veins over a white background.

The two bedrooms are connected by a playroom in between, designed to accompany the children as they grow up and, eventually, become a library and study room.

Silestone Miami White17 to bring sophistication and modernity to the whole house

On the third floor is the dressing room and the master suite with an en suite bathroom, spacious and elegant, with materials and finishes specifically chosen for the couple. Silestone Miami White17, a classic, understated white tone that is perfect for bringing modernity and warmth to spaces, was used for the flooring on all three floors, the stairs and the worktops in the laundry room. 

“In addition to beauty and versatility, Cosentino products offer durability, low porosity, easy maintenance and cleaning, and high resistance to sudden changes in temperature. For all these reasons, they were used in the common and outdoor areas as well as in the rest of the house”, the studio concludes.

Cosentino’s materials used in this project












Miami White17


Cemento Spa


Eternal Marquina


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