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Dekton Bathroom Countertops

High performance and designs for your bathroom.

Dekton countertops offer both beauty and strength. They are specially designed for daily use, where the ease of cleaning and reduced water absorption is key.
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Dekton countertops benefits

Reduced water absorption

Silestone's almost zero porosity results in high resistance to water and moisture.


Its low porosity makes it highly resistant to stains.

High scratch resistance*

Daily use and wear will not scratch Silestone.

High impact resistance

Highly resistant to daily impacts.

*Scratch resistance may vary by color or finishes. XGLOSS finishes are likely to be less resistant to scratches.

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Surface Online Visualizer

Visualize and combine Dekton colors in just one click.

Check out Cosentino’s colors and surfaces catalog to design the space that suits you best.
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Endless, customized surfaces

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Thickness range

Dekton colors are available in 5 thicknesses: 4, 8, 12, 20, and 30 millimeters.
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Large format

Reap the benefit of visual continuity and minimal joins with our 3200 x 1440 millimeter slabs.
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Dekton collections suit all bathroom styles

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Natural Style

With the Stonika Collection hyperrealistic decor, you can design a natural environment where the beauty of natural stone prevails. From Arga, Taga or Korso earth tones, to Sogne and Bergen greyish designs and Olimpo white surface, Stonika collection adds personality to any environment.

Natural Series

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Urban style

Dekton Industrial Collection offers a wide variety of finishes reminiscent of aging stones and metal imperfections, which are ideal for bold and refined bathrooms. Lunar and Nilium are the perfect choices for small bathrooms. They will bring dimension and while maintaining an industrial aesthetic.

Industrial Series

Low maintenance and easy cleaning with a 25-year warranty

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Low maintenance countertops

Easy to clean: Simply wash with soap and water.
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A countertop with a 25-year warranty

Surfaces offer a 25-year, certified, written warranty.

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