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Cosentino brings together beauty and resilience at Milan Design Week 2017


Worldwide leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design Cosentino, and firm specialised in the production of solid wood furniture Riva1920, have partnered with Daniel Germani Designs to create a timeless piece of furniture that blurs the lines between furniture and art. The creation was showcased at Milan Design Week.


In his design, Daniel Germani incorporated solid American walnut and the ultra-compact Dekton XGloss Spectra. The exploration of the infinite applications of Dekton and the use of the ultra-sophisticated woodworking techniques available at Riva1920 resulted in a beautiful, timeless credenza.

This stunning and singular credenza “Madera Meets Dekton®” was exhibited at Cosentino’s City in Milan.  A number of Australian were among those who visited and saw the piece. This included Neale Whitaker, long-time judge on The Block and Cosentino ambassador, and also local media who representing the likes of The Design Files, Architecture AU, Habitus Living and the Universal Magazine Group.


The body of Madera is a very elegant frame built with the ultra-compact surface Dekton® in its high polished black hue Spectra XGloss. This frame is embraced by two organic pieces of solid American walnut carved to perfection by the master woodworkers at Riva1920.

Santiago Alfonso, Marketing and Communication VP for Cosentino said, “It is an honour to collaborate with Riva 1920 to bring to life Daniel’s creativity. The combination of solid walnut and the stunning crystalline shine of Dekton® Spectra result in a unique and spectacular piece of furniture that is a gift to the world of international design.”


“Madera Meets Dekton®” reinterprets the essence of wood through its combination with Dekton®, a material that thanks to its nature and technology offers a unique look and functionality for design and architectural applications. For this project was chosen the colour Spectra, from the polished collection Dekton® XGloss. This collection comes with an extraordinary and illuminating shine, as well as the highest resistance and hardness levels.

The noble solid American walnut, crafted by Riva 1920, proceeds from sustainably managed American forests. The curves it presents have been obtained thanks to the use of technologically advanced machines and for the finishes of the wood, oils and waxes of the natural base have been used. The result reflects research, innovation and experimentation which are part of Riva 1920 DNA. The joints of the credenza integrated drawers have been done with a handcrafted dovetail joint, which joins the two pieces thanks to pressure. According to Maurizio Riva, CEO of Riva 1920, “With Madera Meets Dekton® it is as if Riva 1920 embraced metaphorically Cosentino under the direction of Daniel Germani”.


Daniel Germani, designer: “I love wood’s organic texture, shape-shifting abilities and perfect imperfections. “Madera Meets Dekton®” happened during a visit to Riva 1920’s compound… walking the shop with Maurizio and learning about all the processes and techniques was an incredible experience and one that sparked a fire in my head. In that moment, the softness and malleability of the wood and the hard, resilient almost stubborn nature of Dekton® made perfect sense together… almost like a hug or an embrace. The rest is history. At the end, I am so proud that Cosentino and Riva 1920 allowed me to design, play and push the limits of the materials…this is just the beginning because the possibilities are endless.”

“Madera Meets Dekton®” reflects handcraft combined with innovation and design linked to technology. It is also the result of an extensive research about raw materials, respect for the environment, innovative creative processes and work done with the utmost quality.

Daniel Germani

Daniel Germani is the Creative Director and Founder of Daniel Germani Designs. Upon completing his studies as an architect, Daniel spent eight years living and working in Europe in various creative and entrepreneurial endeavours. Daniel’s aesthetic is influenced by the Bauhaus, Oscar Neimeyer, Le Corbusier, Mies and Frank Lloyd Wright, and his philosophy is simple: good design should always be honest and inspiring.

Riva 1920

Riva 1920, firm specialised in the production of solid wood furniture, is a production company made of traditions, culture, creativity and innovation. A company where craft skills and values combine with progress and cutting-edge technology, where the design and the attention to detail unite to create something truly special, unique and timeless.

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