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A space for design and architecture professionals to inspire, meet and create.

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Monday to Friday:

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Located in Plaza el Cardón, near the luxury Vidanta complex, Cosentino City Los Cabos has a 238 m2 space where you will find an extensive library of materials to inspire you and develop all kinds of projects; several social areas where you can interact with your clients and other professionals, and an area with advanced digital design tools at your disposal. Cosentino City Los Cabos is designed as a meeting place for the creative community, thanks to a full schedule of events, presentations and demonstrations, and with a space to learn about the latest Cosentino innovations in applications such as countertops, flooring, cladding and bathroom products.


"Visiting Cosentino City is a whole experience, which begins with an atmosphere of warmth and closeness to the customer, delighting our eyes with every detail in the interior design and finishes installed in the showroom."

Rúben González


"The support provided by the City's facilities is very useful when starting to conceptualise a project, choosing finishes or having a meeting with clients. Their physical samples of materials, furnishings and support from their collaborators make the process of a project much easier."

Andrés Lladó


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