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Bathroom countertops

Your bathroom needs solutions that are distinguished by their superior quality, and resilience in the face of the specific humidity conditions and hygiene requirements in the bathroom. Cleaning products can be harsh on some materials, but Cosentino products stand up to chemical agents with quality and strength a los agentes externos, so they stay looking like new for longer.

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Endless customization

Cosentino inspires elegance, sophistication, and authenticity through all of its brands. So what is the difference between them? Silestone has been the leading brand in quartz countertop surfaces for 25 years.

Dekton impresses by furnishing your home with the prestige it deserves, wwith large-format pieces for floors, countertops, walls, and even facades, thanks to its UV resistance.

Sensa is the beauty of natural granite, supporting the dynamism of daily routine. Sensa embraces the beauty of natural granite to support the evolution of your everyday: scratches, stains, and chemical agents will be concerns of the past.

If you prefer marble, granite, limestone, or travertine in your home, choose Natural Stone. The character of four brands; the confidence and experience of the Cosentino Group.
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