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Dekton shower trays

Style and resistance

Cosentino creates shower trays made of Dekton: custom made in a wide range of designs with unmatched resistance and durability.

Advantages of Dekton shower trays

Reduced water absorption

Dekton's near-zero porosity results in high resistance to water and moisture.


Its low porosity makes it highly resistant to stains.

High scratch resistance*

Daily use and wear will not scratch Dekton.

High impact resistance

Highly resistant to daily impacts.

*Scratch resistance may vary by color or finishes. XGLOSS finishes are likely to be less resistant to scratches.

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Unique designs for your bathroom



A shower tray featuring Dekton Grip+ technology, lightweight, 28 mm thick and with the perfect slope to ensure the correct flow of water. Designed for recessed or above ground installation. Get perfect integration for your bathroom with Dekton.


  • Length: 120 - 180 cm
  • Width: 70 - 80 cm


Other models


* Check colour availability for each model.
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Customized shower trays

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Developed with Dekton Grip+ technology, specially designed to meet specific anti-slip requirements.
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Adaptable to any space

Different sizes and features to suit every bathroom style.

Mix and match your Dekton shower trays with other products