Key paths to innovation



The overall objective of the project ‘Research and development of new technologies for the evolution of quartz agglomerates’ is to develop innovative quartz agglomerates, with multiple design possibilities, versatility in obtaining new properties, better productivity and quality of the end product, as well as greater durability of the materials, even in extreme conditions, in order to achieve a clear differentiation and improvement of the company’s competitiveness. To this end, three main lines of action are being addressed: research into surface technology, the development of new formulations and the development of technological processes for the production of quartz agglomerates.

The overall objective of the project ‘New Dekton® technology and formulations to develop new effects, properties and advanced products’ is to research and learn about this new material; to develop the technology to obtain new aesthetic effects and valuable properties in both surface and volume, including the development of products with a polished design and finish; to develop new formulations to improve its properties and optimize the process; to develop new characterization and control systems; and to create products both in 3D and in extra-large thicknesses, in order to offer new special applications.

Energy efficiency


The project “Improving energy efficiency in the calibration and polishing process in line 2 of the Silestone plant” consists in replacing two calibrators and two polishers in the second line of the SILESTONE plant, located in Cantoria, Almeria, with the goal of achieving a higher quality final product and reduce the current reprocess, which is a consequence of failures in the slabs in respect to the conventional technology with the corresponding reduction when talking about energy consumption.