Cosentino Bathrooms

Re-imagine the most personal space in your home

Cosentino® helps you to rediscover your bathroom through a unique and integral design concept

From wall and floor cladding in different yet perfectly balanced formats, colors, and textures, to attractive vanities and shower trays, carefully designed with great attention to detail and simplicity.

Solutions of great aesthetic and functional value to suit every requirement and bathroom style, which redefine the way in which we experience such a personal space and feeling of wellbeing.

Rediscover your bathroom with Cosentino®

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Large format

Large format, minimal joints. Tailor-made floor and wall cladding.

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Complete Integration

One material for your entire bathroom: floor, cladding, shower tray, and vanity.

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Colors and textures

New collection featuring innovative, on-trend colors and textures, to create bathroom spaces full of originality and impact.

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