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Neutral colours and elegant textures for a luxury flat in Singapore

Arche Interior

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Dekton, Silestone, Sensa


Dekton Bergen, Dekton Tundra, Dekton Aura 15, Silestone Et. Marquina, Sensa Black Beauty


Worktop, splashback, table, cabinet cladding

Architecture / Design

Arche Interior

Project surface area

12.5 m2

End date


An interplay of contrasting textures

To make the most of the natural light and create a peaceful and elegant atmosphere, the Arche Interior studio opted for neutral colours and a mix of textures that have managed to turn this flat into a luxury home. Located in the north of Singapore, the flat has plenty of light thanks to a balcony and large windows. Furthermore, the use of soft tones and refined lines enhances the feeling of spaciousness.

The excellent combination of misty veined white-based Cosentino surfaces and light wood grain helps to achieve a relaxed, almost minimalist style, but in which the textures of the selected materials stand out. Dekton, Silestone and Sensa offer a variety of colour, tone and texture options that provide endless design possibilities for this urban flat.

Dekton possibilities

Among the different colours available, the interior design studio chose Dekton Bergen for the kitchen worktop and splashback, paired with light wood grain cabinets. In addition to its durability and technical properties, the beauty of Dekton Bergen’s sculptural greyish veining adds interest and movement to the neutral tone of the cabinets. A visual effect in which both textures dialogue and create a unique atmosphere. While in the open-plan living and dining areas, the designers aimed for a balanced and luxurious design with character. The dining area features a custom art deco dining table with a Dekton Tundra top and golden legs that complements the luxurious elegance of the space.

A play of colours

Playing with rectangular volumes and simple silhouettes, monochrome colours were used in these common areas of the home, including Silestone Et. Marquina that clads the shoe rack and a white slatted wall that adds dimension and texture. In the study room, Dekton Aura 15 complements the herringbone wood wall and floor as a built-in floating worktop to maximise the space. Sensa Black Beauty and Dekton Aura 15 add a touch of luxury to the countertops and splashbacks in the master bathroom and guest bathroom respectively.

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