Bureau Betak
Fashion Show Revolution
Alexandre de Betak (Paris, 1968) has worked for years turning the most prominent runways and fashion shows into spectacular scenographies that bring together originality and technical skill

With offices in New York, Paris, and Shanghai, Bureau Betak has developed its aesthetic around the design and production of fashion shows for the most prestigious international firms (Christian Dior, Tiffany & Co., John Galliano, Hussein Chalayan, Victoria´s Secret, to name just a few). Its set designs, always original, research into all the fields of creation, from pure craftsmanship to high technology, and from the most artificial making to the most natural. The Bureau´s projects are based on four elements. The first would be the venue (working in mythical places like the Louvre in Paris, the Forbidden City in Beijing, or Moscow´s Red Square), which gives the story a narrative thread. Next, the mise-en-scène or set seeks creating something new, be it architectural, dystopian, or fantastic. This is where perfection and technical display are made visible. Light, Alexandre de Betak´s obsession since he was a child, would be the third element, which brings credibility and marks the final success of the intervention. Lastly, the performance would represent the live element: movement and human life. This is where, according to the designer, the rest of the components come together in a precise but subtle balance.

Image 32 of 015 betak in Bureau Betak - Cosentino
Berluti SS16 Musée Picasso © Daniel Beres
Image 33 of 03 betak in Bureau Betak - Cosentino
Christian Dior, Spring/Summer 2015 by Raf Simons, Louvre, Paris. © Daniel Beres
Image 34 of 04 betak in Bureau Betak - Cosentino
Christian Dior, SS14, Musée Rodin, Paris © Daniel Beres
Image 35 of 07 betak in Bureau Betak - Cosentino
Christian Dior, SS16, Louvre, Paris © Daniel Beres
Image 36 of 08 betak in Bureau Betak - Cosentino
Christian Dior, SS13, Musée Rodin, Paris © Daniel Beres
Image 37 of 010 betak in Bureau Betak - Cosentino
Alexander Wang, FW17, Hamilton Theater, New York © Daniel Beres
Image 38 of 06 betak in Bureau Betak - Cosentino
Image 39 of 09 betak in Bureau Betak - Cosentino
Fendi Studios Exhibition, Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, Rome © Daniel Beres
Image 40 of 02 betak scaled in Bureau Betak - Cosentino
Christian Dior, Fall/Winter 2013 by Raf Simons, Red Square, Moscow © Yuri Palmin

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