Daniel Libeskind's Sculptures
Three Dekton Works
The relationship between Cosentino Group and the architect crystallizes in the form of three independent pieces which explore the geometry and resistance of the company’s most prominent materials.

Daniel Libeskind and Cosentino consolidate their relationship with a new collaboration for the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, curated by the Dutch architect and theorist Rem Koolhaas. With this commission, the American architect sums three works designed and built for the Spanish company. The first, Beyond the Wall, is the result of the architecture and design exhibition in Cortile d’Onore Seicentesco at the Universitá Statale in Milan, where a huge polycentric spiral measuring eight and a half meters tall is clad with Silestone, one of the most representative products of Cosentino Group. This collaboration led to the second sculpture in Almería, with the same design and title as the first, but using a new material: Dekton. After its launch in 2013 and after more than six years of research and a sizable investment, the product derived from the Technology of Sinterized Particles (TSP) is so compact and resistant that the firm is exploring its use for all kinds of surfaces, particularly those in the outdoors and exposed to the sun, wind and rain. Lastly, the project Sonnets in Babylon, designed for the Venice Pavilion at the abovementioned Biennale, is again built with Dekton, but this time the sculpture takes the shape of an extruded and tilted cross that invites visitors into the exhibition space, where over one hundred hand-drawn sketches by the architect and designer are displayed.

Image 32 of LIBESKIND Nocturna 3 in Daniel Libeskind's Sculptures - Cosentino
Beyond the Wall. Daniel Libeskind + Cosentino
Image 33 of MBP 8679 B in Daniel Libeskind's Sculptures - Cosentino
Sonnets in Babylon. Libeskind + Cosentino
Image 34 of Libeskind Alda scaled in Daniel Libeskind's Sculptures - Cosentino

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