Façade in KAP WEST
Dekton by Cosentino
Munich, Germany
For the extraordinary office building Kap West in the central Munich, Cosentino’s ultracompact Dekton® was the perfect solution in creating an urban, high-tech and architecturally sophisticated façade.

Visionary, expressive and outstanding in every sense of the word. Courtesy of the Kap West building, Neuhausen-Nymphenburg is now home to Munich’s newest architectural landmark. The modern office building is raising the ante its innovative concept, maximum economic potential, top location, and high quality of living. Offering imposing views across the Alps and Munich city centre, the extensive area in the new “Am Hirschgarten” district will be home to inviting, flexible modular office space over more than 41,000 m2.

At first glance, the highlight of the expansive property is definitely the façade. In order for Kap West to be impressive from every angle, we needed to find a material meeting all the requirements of a highly efficient and modern exterior – yet also exuding an urban, liberal flair. The Dekton® ultracompact surface by Cosentino was chosen due to its extraordinary properties, innovative processing technology, and the possibility of choosing individual colours. Sober and elegant, yet highly assertive and urban, it defines the project’s image from every perspective.

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In order to reflect the lively atmosphere of the district, executives decided to use the Dekton® colour variation “Keon”, which is part of the Cosentino Tech Collection. Its industrial colouring, inspired by the appearance and texture of concrete material, seizes the spirit of the urban environment – while underlining its unique expressive character, which makes the office building clearly stand out from its surroundings.

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Walter Schelle, the leading architect at HPP Architekten GmbH – the company engaged to carry out the project – sums it up as follows: “The basic requirements for a long-lasting façade are an impact-resistant surface that can withstand extreme weather and has a high degree of mechanical resistance. Dekton® fully provides these functional benefits, thus making it the ideal material for Kap West.”

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