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Silestone and Dekton at Hotel Jakarta: a mix of sustainability and technology

Architects studio SeARCH

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands


DEKTON | Silestone


Kelya, Aura, Coral Clay, Tundra



Architecture / Design

Architects studio SeARCH


Hotel rooms by Ursem Modulaire Bouwsystemen; facades by Scheuten Absoluut Glastechniek (SAGT); bamboo ceiling by Rinkel & Smit Bouw

End date



De Nijs & Zonen

Modern surfaces to protect History

Hotel Jakarta, which is located on Java-eiland in Amsterdam, and which opened its doors in the summer of 2018, is a very special project. A hotel centered around a tropical courtyard garden and incorporating all modern conveniences arose on a historic location. Sustainability plays a key role in the design of the building, which is built in wood. The sustainable and high-quality brands Silestone and Dekton from Cosentino tie in with this concept perfectly.

For years, the municipality of Amsterdam was looking for the best way to meet the need for hotel space at the head of Java-eiland. WestCord Hotels called in the help of SeARCH architects, who had already been involved in the urban development plan for Java-eiland. Together they developed a hotel concept that is as sustainable as it is high-tech, and with which they won the tender.

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The perfect textures of Silestone and Dekton for a natural ambient

Most of the materials that were used are pure: wood, steel and glass. In order to be able to meet the high sustainability requirements, the starting point was circularity. In other words, the recovery and reuse of materials. Also for the finishing touches, virtually no materials were used that have a short lifespan or are not recyclable. In Dekton and Silestone SeARCH found the ideal solution for the materials in the kitchen, restaurant and bakery of Hotel Jakarta.

In the kitchen, Dekton Kelya and Dekton Aura are applied as kitchen countertops. In the restaurant, the bar and all the bar tables are in Silestone Coral Clay and in the bakery, the bar is made of Dekton Tundra Xgloss. The extremely strong sheets with natural stone look not only fit perfectly into the natural character of the hotel, but are also extremely durable and resistant to stains, scratches, bumps and extreme (weather) conditions.

Centered around a courtyard garden

Java-eiland is now a residential area on a peninsula in the Eastern Docklands (Oostelijk Havengebied) in Amsterdam. This island once served as a breakwater in the IJ for the Eastern Trading Quay (Oostelijke Handelskade) behind it. Among others, the Dutch Steam Shipping Company (Stoomvaart Maatschappij Nederland), which provided scheduled services to the Dutch East Indies, settled in the port area that was created in the nineteenth century. It’s not for nothing that the southern quay of the island is called ‘Javakade’ and the northern quay is called ‘Sumatrakade’.

Many people left ‘to go east’ from this quay, sometimes never to return. This gives the place an incredible amount of historical significance, says SeARCH's Kim Francois. “When the island was developed into a residential area in the 1990s, it was decided to give courtyards the names of cities on Java and to name the canals after Javanese rivers. The four canals divide the island into five smaller islands, each with its own courtyard garden. It was perfectly clear to us that a hotel at the head of the island had to fit within the same plan. The idea for Hotel Jakarta was born, and like the rest of the island, a courtyard is at the heart of the design.”

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Sustainable and future-proof

A condition for the design of the hotel was that very high demands had to be met in terms of sustainability. The hotel also had to connect with the neighborhood, as well as be an important place for the residents. “We decided that the tropical covered indoor garden should literally be the heart of the concept. A garden that - unlike other gardens - is not only accessible to residents, but to everyone.” Usually, courtyard gardens are the final element of a design, more like the green feature of a building. “That’s not the case here, we actually started with the garden and constructed the building around it”, explains Francois.

“In Dekton and Silestone SeARCH found the ideal solution for the materials in the kitchen, restaurant and bakery of Hotel Jakarta”
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Beating heart

The atrium with its subtropical courtyard garden, a collaboration with Hortus Botanicus, forms the beating heart of the hotel. It acts as a temperature regulator in both summer and winter. On all sides of the building, the rooms have their own sheltered outdoor space, which simultaneously acts as protection from the sun. The public 'pasar' with its various bars, restaurants and coffee corners, the wellness area and the space for cultural activities bring together hotel guests, islanders and other residents of Amsterdam.

The building’s high sustainability requirements extend to every detail. In this way, low tech and high tech always meet with the ambition to develop a concept that is as sustainable as possible. A good network and access to all possible multimedia facilities are essential for future-proofing the hotel, and therefore its long-term sustainability.

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Cosentino’s materials used in this project








Coral Clay


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