Interview with Marc Sadler
Milan, Italy
Marc Sadler explains the perks of working with Dekton´s surfaces in projects like GranGusto, his latest design, presented in Milan together with Riva1920.

The French designer, internationally known for winning 4 times the ADI Comasso d'Oro Award, has a great experience in the sector with projects such as the back protector of the motorcyclist, presented in the permanent collection of the MOMA in New York, and his Mite lamp for Foscarini, selected to form part of Beaubourg museum in Paris. 
Dekton®, Cosentino’s innovative ultracompact surface for the world of architecture and design, was the material selected for the worktop of the GranGusto kitchen created by the French designer Marc Sadler in collaboration with the Italian furniture maker Riva 1920 for the Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2018.

French citizen, born in Austria and living in Italy. Can we say you represent the core of European design?
Yes, I think so. I love Europe, but I love France, Italy, Spain… I think there is quality all around Europe, yes.

Gran Gusto is not the first kitchen you design… What is special about Gran Gusto?
Maurizio Riva gave me this opportunity to work together in making a kitchen using this fantastic material. It is really about food preparation, about quality and about doing things big. So, we wanted to go back to what our parents used to do, by a piece of furniture which is nice and beautiful. This piece of furniture could be for all life, I mean a piece like this, may be in a 100 years still there. We give it to our children and so on.  So it is not the kitchen which is on demand and measure you know. There are single pieces put together with a high tech product.

When you choose materials for your designs, what is relevant for you?
Well, in this case I have this fil rouge, which is the wood, which is this quality wood, which is beautiful. And we treat the wood also in a table, we burn the wood and with this strong surface, this is why also I chose another high tech material by Cosentino (Dekton®), because by contrast it speaks very loudly, you know, because I want to avoid to have conflict with the materials, so we have this original material which is wood and this high tech and new future material which is (Dekton®) Cosentino.

Why did you choose Dekton® Sirius ultracompact surface for Gran Gusto kitchen?
Well, I thought that this material speaks slowly. The colour is close to the materials that we see in the kitchen. This black/brown is very soften, would be something that could last also in time, and live very well with this burned material that we have on the wood and this natural material that we have all around.

How has your experience been working with Riva 1920?
This family Riva, we lived together several business adventures, I’d say. And it is more about passion and I don’t work alone when I do a kitchen like this, I work with a family and it is an exchange of ideas, exchange of inventions, there is a few pieces like this with our hands made, that we have designed and decided in the factory with these brothers and friends and workers, it is not something just on the paper with renderings.

What advice would you give to young designers who are starting their careers?
Well, I think to be humble, to be able to listen, to your partners when you are working, which are, could be your customer, could be this person who would do the product with you and help the product to go on the market. I think this is quite important.

Your Top Designer?
I love Buckminster Fuller, which is an American engineer who used to invent a lot of things, he is not very well known but he is an important guy.

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