La Nube
Espacio [la Nube]
Madrid, Spain
A space that makes you dream. So was the project developed by Espacio [la Nube] for INCM Madrid 2016.

Three hundred architecture students shared space, perfomances and lectures during ten days under a huge inflatable object combining technology and sensitivity. With the participation of companies specialized in lightning and aerodynamics, Espacio [la Nube] team designed a whirlwind of transparencies, textiles, salt, and air. A 1000m2 inflatable ring was made with a 1200m2 cloth and 12 tons of salt on which to walk barefoot. It incorporates a system of LED lights that illuminate the fabric in accordance with the rhythm of activities happening inside. The entry points act as filters between opposed worlds, from the pristine white cloister to a festival of greenery in the central garden.

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© Ana Matos
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© José Javier Cullen

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