TOP 5: Milan Design Week
Our five favorite installations
Milan, Italy
Milan Design Week collects the best designs over the world in hundreds of installations scattered around the city. Magaceen's team selects those which, in their opinion, are the most relevant.

The Nendo exhibition, featuring over 16 projects, deserves first place on our list. A succession f brilliant, inspiring projects, each different and original, thrills the viewer. COS stands out anew – if last year with the architect Sujimoto, this time with Studio Swine and its installation of perfumed bubbles. In third place, the MINI brand of vehicles alludes to its name through designs of minimal living spaces by the architects of SO-IL. Immediately after that we wish to draw attention to a Spanish talent on the rise, Xavier Mañosa of Apparatu, who in collaboration with the Almería trademark COSENTINO has been studying the properties of a material which all we knew about until now were its ultrapressed panels. Finally, the exciting lamps of Formafantasma, manufactured for the first time for the brand FLOS, which is indispensable in the fair, more so with lighting as protagonist.

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