Cosentino Flagship Project

Vega Train Station, the resistance of Dekton for daily high transit

Gudmundsson Arkitektur AB

Image of Vega Station Dekton Keranium and Danae Stockholm Photo @killerwhale 2 2.jpg?auto=format%2Ccompress&ixlib=php 3.3 in Vega Station - Cosentino


Vega Station, Haninge, Sweden




Danae | Keranium


500 m2

Architecture / Design

Gudmundsson Arkitektur AB


Flooring and stairs

End date



12 mm

Image of Vega Station Dekton Keranium and Danae Stockholm Photo @killerwhale 3.jpg?auto=format%2Ccompress&ixlib=php 3.3 in Vega Station - Cosentino

A flooring system designed to withstand everyday stress

The Vega area is expected to grow to around 10,000 inhabitants and approximately 4,200 people are expected to commute from the station. This has given an improved public transport through Vega station where trains stop on every 15 minutes for most of the day. Given the high level of passenger traffic, the architectural project required the use of a material that was resistant to the daily hustle and bustle and also facilitated the maintenance and cleaning of the floors.

Finally, the architects chose Dekton because it is an extremely impact, scratch and abrasion resistant product. In addition, floors equipped with Dekton have a high resistance to both UV radiation and low temperatures.

More than 500 m2 of Dekton for floring and stairs

Availability was key at the station and the passenger spaces at Vega station are adapted for travelers with disabilities or traveling with a wheelchair, walker and stroller.

They selected brownish black Dekton Keranium from the Industrial collection in combination with a sandy limestone look through Dekton Danae from the Natural Collection for this project. According to Architect Torbjörn Gudmundsson, “It was a challenge to implement Dekton in an organization owned by the Swedish State. They were very demanding about certificate and test result. It was important with the slippery resistance and the reflection value. Two main criteria were also the durability and abrasion resistance of our material Dekton”

Image of Vega Station Dekton Keranium and Danae Stockholm Photo @killerwhale 5.jpg?auto=format%2Ccompress&ixlib=php 3.3 in Vega Station - Cosentino

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“Terazzo has been used for so many years and projects, they were looking for a new design for this project. Dekton was the design they were looking for.”
Torbjörn Gudmundsson

Torbjörn Gudmundsson


Cosentino's materials used in this project






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