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Cosentino Group, Trustee of the Congress “Less Architecture, More City”


Cosentino Group is partner of the Congress “Less Architecture, More City”, which starts today in the city of Pamplona. This international Congress takes place on the 13th and 14th of June, and is organized by the Foundation Arquitectura y Sociedad, lead by the renowned Spanish architects Luis Fernández-Galiano and Francisco Mangado.

Cosentino has been for several years a trustee member of the Foundation Arquitectura y Sociedad; and now is trustee company of this fifth congress organized by the Foundation in Pamplona’s Baluarte Palace.

According to the program established by the organization, today’s opening session starts with the views of the writers, Eduardo Mendoza (Cervantes Award 2016) and Leonardo Padura (Princess of Asturias Literature Award 2015) who will examine the city as a freedom space; afterwards the Majors of big cities,  Madrid’s  major Manuela Carmena and Lima’s major Luis Castañeda will explain the dilemmas of local government; and this first session will finish with an encounter of the urban visions of the photographer Iwan Baan and the architect Dominique Perrault.

The second Congress’ day will start with two women architects, Farshid Moussai and Belinda Tato, who will present their urban projects; continuing with Salvador Rueda and Dejan Sudjic who will discuss about the city’s political ecology; lastly the congress will finalize with a reflection about sustainable mobility and the future of the city by Jan Gehl and Jaime Lerner.

Click here to find out more about the Congress “More Architecture Less City”

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