Oikos: White in the city
Milan Design Week 2017
Milan, Italy
Oikos invites diferent well known architects (Chipperfield, Hadid, Mateus, Urquiola...) to realize a small scale project with the intention of extoling the virtues of the color white.

The temporary installation, developed by architects: David Chipperfield Architects, Stefano Boeri, Patricia Urquiola, Daniel Libeskind, Zaha Hadid and Aires Mateus in Milan as part of ‘White in the City: White architecture Design Week 2017’ curated by Giulio Cappellini at the Cortile d’Onore of Palazzo Brera in Milan, is an attempt to show the essential qualities of White.


Overview & Context: Through the investigation of form and pattern obtained by employing state-of-the-art manufacturing and computational methods, Thallus celebrates the disciples of art, architecture and fashion. Forged by automated additive manufacture as well as hot-wire cutting technology, the sculpture expresses the ongoing research in robotic assisted design carried out by ZHA CoDe and is a tangible demonstration of what can now be achieved in terms of mechanisation and customisation in the AEC industry.
Form: The sculpture is informed by the concept of Ruled Surfaces; a class of surfaces that are generated by the movement of a straight line in space around a given axis. The principles of Ruled Surfaces are applied in the fabrication process of the piece; the shape is tailored to a trimmed twisted cylinder in order to facilitate the use of hot-wire cutting technology to produce the moulds for downstream additive manufacture.
Pattern: Thallus continues ZHA's investigation in biological models and physiological processes to generate geometry through computation. The design explores differential growth and space-filling methods through expansion an diffusion arising from a single, continuous, seed curve guided iteratively via simulation parameters to approximately one kilometre in length with constrained to a reference surface. Density gradation and directionality of growth are defined by parameters such as proximity to boundary and direction of rulings. 

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