DKT4 System

Mechanical fixing using visible staple that holds the pieces

Projects with modest resources. Making the exterior constructive elements visible is another expressive route in modern architecture. The building does not try to hide its structures, facilities, profile system… Instead, it shows off all the complexity of its construction in an honest way.

Inspired by the current desire for marble interiors, Opera takes inspiration from elegant Italian Carrara marble and offers a new soft-touch which is the new Dekton Velvet Texture finish.

In the DKT4 system of visible fixing, the piece is shown as it is, with the fastening tabs of the upper and lower pieces visible to the eye. The staples hold both pieces and keep them in line with the plane of the façade as well as maintaining the distances (joints) between consecutive pieces.

Although this type of fixing is fairly flexible in adapting to the thickness of the material, it is ideal for the smaller sizes, lighter weights and smaller thicknesses.

Detail 1. Vertical section

Detail 2. Horizontal section

Detail 3. Vertical section

Detail 4. Horizontal section

1. Dekton | 2. Stainless Steel Staple | 3. Pressure Spring | 4. Vertical Profile | 5. Self-Propelling Screw | 6. “L” Separator' | 7. Mechanical Anchoring | 8. Thermal Insulation | 9. Supporting wall | 10. Aluminum Jamb | 11. Padding | 12. Rupture of Thermal Bridge | 13. Corner Profile in L | 14. Adhesive | 15. Profile of Joint

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Do you need help with a project?

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