Allaround Lab
Barcelona, Spain

The choice of Dekton Aeris for floors and countertops and some of the furniture pieces creates a seamless continuity between the different surfaces.

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Photos: © José Hevia

AllAround Lab, the studio led by architects Noelia de la Red and Jordi Ribas, delves into the contemporary practice of reconverting old industrial structures into new habitable spaces. Ávila is the name of a project located in Poblenou, in the northeast of Barcelona, a neighborhood that over the last decade is experiencing a vigorous process of transformation and growth, and where many factory buildings have been transformed into cultural facilities and innovative domestic proposals. The new dwelling is designed to take root in the place, and in order to blend with the existing architecture it avoids any kind of superfluous ornament and drives all attention to the past of this old warehouse.

The architects sought the minimum interventions necessary, like the interplays of light or the contrast between textures. The usual program of a dwelling is addressed with the minimum number of partitions possible, suggesting the arrangement of several pieces of furniture designed ad hoc to separate the living spaces. The ground floor contains the more public areas of the house, articulated around two large construction pieces and introducing an intermediate level for bedrooms and bathrooms. As for the material palette, the space is marked by continuous surfaces and clear tones provided by Dekton Aeris, which creates a space that is bright and neutral but warm at the same time.

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