Villa Bôrik

Žilina, Slovakia

This three-storey high house consists of two above-ground and one underground floor. Each floor represents a different spatial organization.

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Photos: © Maxime Delvaux

The characteristic spiral staircase connecting all three floors of the house is located outside the square floor plan of the central part of the house, which allows for free handling of the layout of each floor. The western façade forms a filter between the street and the interior. A triangular roof marks the entrance to the house on its northern side. The ground floor is conceived as one continuous space in which the elements of furniture are freely distributed. Its orientation allows illuminating the entire floor.

Planta libre allows for different ways and configurations of ground floor use. The second floor is strictly divided, with rooms in the corners and bathrooms, accessible from two adjoining rooms Central service area with entrances to each room is illuminated by a skylight. The underground floor is illuminated through the patio below ground level. The supporting system of the building consists of a system of monolithic reinforced concrete structures which form one continuous spatial beam.

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