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ToHa by Ron Arad and Avner Yashar in Tel Aviv

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TOHA building in Tel Aviv, Israel, has applied more than 28.000 square meters of Dekton by Cosentino which clad the ensemble, and appear on the ventilated façades, flooring, elevators, ceilings and the interior partitions.

In the centre of Tel Aviv, at the intersection of two business streets, the ToHA building rises until reaching 29 storeys. Its unique faceted volume, shaped like an iceberg, was designed by Ron Arad with the local team of Avner Yashar. The ToHa building offers a unique office complex fit out with a public garden, an observation deck, and a restaurant.

More than 28,000 square meters of Dekton® by Cosentino clad the ensemble, and appear on the ventilated facades, flooring, elevators, ceilings, and the interior partitions. The Dekton pieces, of 10.000 different dimensions and types, were produced and cut at the Cosentino headquarters in Spain, and then transported by sea to Israel.

The architectural and decorative value

One of the main strategies in the design of the project was that of reducing the built area at street level to create a large park with the idea of giving the surroundings a public character. The building emerges, therefore, atop two large legs that widen gradually and create a twisting volume. Because of its geometric versatility, Dekton® manages to adapt with precision to this formal complexity thanks to its endless range of formats, with minimum thicknesses and maximum areas. In the building’s intermediate levels, the jagged perimeter of the concrete slabs is clad with panels measuring 12 millimetres thick and 2 meters wide that, with their careful detailing, define the vertices and edges, conveying an image of perfection.

From the functional point of view, this ambitious project inverts the organization of the conventional office block, placing all the infrastructure and machinery on the first floors to clear the roof, which becomes a public space and accommodates an upscale restaurant with views of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea. In this way, the top floors are freed up and can be dedicated only to recreational uses and the offices start at the seventh floor, which favours sunlight and views. The technical levels are clad with a unique permeable facade of cross-mounted panels, creating an ‘X’ pattern. This arrangement allows air to pass through the gaps between the large slabs (320 x 70 cm) and produces a uniform front that gives the facade texture and depth. Cosentino also offered the option of producing a range of six custom colours based on the Strato model, creating a striking colour gradient from the bottom to the top.

Inside, a large 30-meter atrium functions as lobby and gathering place. The office spaces look outside towards the city, through the glass facade, and also enjoy views of the central courtyard illuminated by a large skylight. The finishes have been carefully selected to create a comfortable workspace and a coherent corporate image. The possibility of manufacturing large-scale Dekton pieces for floors, walls, and ceilings permits reducing the number of joints to a minimum, creating a smooth continuity.

Project Details:

Name: ToHa

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Works finished: 2019

Architecture: Arad Architects, Yashar Architects (execution executive architect)

Partners: Buro Happold Engineering, Israel David Engineering (construction engineer)

Client: Gav-Yam Amot Totseret Ha-Aretz

Cosentino Material:

Application: Ceiling

Material: Dekton® by Cosentino

Colour: Strato

Thickness: 4 mm

Quantity: 1,800 m2 

Formats: 140×30

Application: Flooring

Material: Dekton® by Cosentino

Colour: Soke, Sirius, Strato

Thickness: 8mm, 20 mm

Quantity: 3,500 m2

Formats: Changing (320×144, 140×80, 80×170)

Application: Interior wall clad / Bonded facade

Material: Dekton® by Cosentino

Colour: Zenith, Sirius, Kadum, Spectra, Strato

Thickness: 8 mm

Quantity: 2,000 m2

Formats: Changing (80×270, 70×300)

Application: ventilated facade

Material: Dekton® by Cosentino

Colour: Strato, Totzeret1, Totzeret2, Totzeret3, Totzeret4, Totzeret5, Totzeret6 (custom colours), Spectra

Thickness: 12 mm

Quantity: 20,000 m2

Formats: Changing

Download here: Case Study_ ToHa_ ENG

Photo credit: Fernando Alda

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