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Rhapsody in blue, white and Silestone® Calacatta Gold by Savas Kitchens

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Silestone® Calacatta Gold by Savas Kitchens

Silestone® Calacatta Gold benchtops and navy-blue joinery make for a classic, timeless kitchen in this renovated California Bungalow.

The bungalow is home to Louise and Graeme Gill who have three adult sons and a growing brood of grandchildren. Having rented their house to tenants for more than 20 years, they moved back in but needed to renovate the house and update and modernise the kitchen. “I wanted a classic, timeless kitchen with quality finishes and a warmth that would combine easily with our open-plan living area,” says Louise. She and Graeme designed the kitchen with some professional guidance from Savas Kitchens, who then built the Gill’s design.

Silestone® Calacatta Gold by Savas Kitchens

The kitchen is at the centre the house and it’s where the growing family comes together. A large island provides space for everyone to gather around, to cook, eat, chat and enjoy each other’s company. The benchtop clads one side of the island, as if anchoring it to the floor, and also cantilevers over counter stools for people to comfortably sit, interact and connect. A double sink and dishwasher are installed in the island so that food can be prepared and dishes can be washed while still conversing with guests. A benchtop with cooktop is behind the island, and joinery wraps around the corner and along the other wall to accommodate storage, appliances and refrigerator.

Silestone® Calacatta Gold benchtops and splashback provided the Gills with a zero-maintenance, durable surface with the desired look of natural stone. Their neighbour recommended Silestone® and Louise visited the Cosentino showroom to learn more about the range. “I was blown away with the quality and beauty of the products,” she says. “I love the resilience, ease of care and of course the aesthetic design.”

Silestone® Calacatta Gold by Savas Kitchens

The Gills selected Calacatta Gold for its subtle colouring with soft grey veins and unexpected glints of gold. It also worked beautifully with the navy cabinetry. “I wanted a touch of drama but didn’t want black or dark grey cabinetry. Navy seemed the obvious choice because it’s a timeless colour, has depth and offers tranquillity to our home,” Louise says. The marble-look Silestone® and panelled cabinetry fronts complement the traditional mouldings of the California bungalow for the timeless aesthetic the Gills desired.

“I love the classic look we have achieved. We will never tire of the beautiful Calacatta Gold, which is complemented so perfectly with the navy,” Louise says.

Learn more about Silestone® Calacatta Gold here.

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