Dekton® «leads» FiturtechY at FITUR 2017

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Dekton® is working on a new edition of "Fiturtech", the specialist forum on innovation and technology in the tourism sector organised by the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH), held annually during the course of the specialised industry convention, FITUR. This participation is the result of Cosentino's commitment to innovation and to technology also applied at Canal Horeca. This revolutionary surface leads the way and welcomes this year´s space, presented by the ITH for the event, through the application of the "Glaciercolour, from the Dekton® XGloss collection, in a spectacular island that acts as the reception booth, as well as the counter for the bar that will serve attendees at the space at the back.Image 33 of trans in Dekton® "leads" FiturtechY at FITUR 2017 - Cosentino Image 34 of dekton fiturtechy 3 in Dekton® "leads" FiturtechY at FITUR 2017 - Cosentino
As a firm world leader in the manufacture of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, the company brings next-generation, high value-added products like Dekton® the industry. This commitment is indeed reflected in their associate company membership of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT) and their association with ITH projects like the upcoming which can be seen until January 22 in Booth B3 of Pavilion 10 at FITUR. This year, the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero is present at FITUR with "FiturtechY", a proposal that unifies "Fiturtech" and "Fitur Green" under one brand and concept, both flagship forums in the field of technology and sustainability in the context of the International Tourism Trade Fair. "FiturtechY" also represents an important evolution, bringing new specialist and thematically-segmented content, which includes the main focal points for the tourism sector: business, destination, sustainability and future trends. PR_The Dekton® Ultracompact surface "leads" FiturtechY 180117