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Steps to organize your kitchen and optimize your space

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The kitchen is one of the most multifunctional spaces at home. We recommend you keep in mind the keys to maintain it tidy, organized and take advantage of your space in an optimal and original way.

Silestone Institute, the international platform dedicated to researching and disseminating knowledge about the kitchen space, both domestically and professionally, recommends 4 keys.

Free the countertops and leave them clear

The worktop must be a space to cook comfortably. It is important that you are clear, having what you need in an accessible place.
  • Save the chopping boards, cooking instruments, jars, etc. in boxes for easy movement.
  • Have a shelf with hangers to place utensils or cups.
  • Free a kitchen wall with a bar to hang small accessories for everyday use.

Properly store kitchen items

The next step to organize the kitchen efficiently is to store.
  • Dishes and glassware together: organize the dishes by size, stack the glasses (but not more than three) and support the glasses by the base, to take up less space. Store cutlery in cutlery holders. Another way to order the dishes is by using drawers with wooden pivots to keep them in sight and ordered inside the drawer.
  • Removable trays: when the cabinets are in a corner or deep to be able to access the kitchen elements more quickly and tidily.

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Have an organized pantry

The best way to keep it in order is not to accumulate excessively and thus avoid that your kitchen seems small.
  • Correct storage of products: the ideal is to organize the heaviest (water, milk and drinks) in the lower cabinets and the rest in the upper ones, always in a maximum of two rows. The first row with those that expire soon and the rest behind. Place the products of habitual use above the waist and up to your height and those of more sporadic use in the rest of the space.
  • Set aside a special place for spices and salts: to free up space and have everything in one place. Compartment drawers are a good choice as are shallow shelves.
  • Label the products: ordering them by typology or categories so that when cooking allows us to access them easily.

Return each thing to its place after use

After ordering and determining the place for each object, it is necessary to remember to save and return the kitchen elements to their place after using them. In this way, you can always keep your kitchen tidy.

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