George Stoyanov
3d Illustration Huawei and Pull and Bear
Since 3D illustration burst upon the current artistic and architectural outlook, lots of professional designers and clients have committed to this fresh and innovative art form of projects communication, corporate identity and branding issues.

George Stoyanov is a freelance artist and graphic designer specialised in branding, advertising campaigns and corporate identity through abstract images created with digital software. His imagery covers a wide range of volumetric compositions and dynamic sceneries in which different elements interact with one another. His work has a very distinct use of colourful elements, curvy shapes and a rich spatiality. Amongst other international brands, some of his latest clients have been Huawei, Pull&Bear, Nike, IBM, Lemon Graphis or Asia Digital Mojo.

Wallpapers Huawei
Huawei Wallpapers
Huawei Wallpapers
Store Signage Pull&Bear

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