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Interior design trends for 2023 according to our partners

As every new year begins, it is exciting to analyse and unravel what the sector has in store for us in the coming months, and there is nothing like relying on the best to keep our finger on the pulse and be able to anticipate the new trends in interior design for 2023. For an overview of these trends, we invited Silestone Institute researcher and regular contributor Marisa Santamaría and interior designer Manuel Espejo to share their vision of what’s to come in 2023 for homes, offices and public spaces.

Large-format surfaces inspired by natural stone

A major trend for 2023 and the years to come will be classic natural stones with a completely revamped and modern look, which will be found in floors and kitchens, as well as in all types of interior and exterior cladding.

Cosentino introduces this trend with its new Pietra Kode collection from the Dekton brand, which, in collaboration with designer and architect Daniel Germani, has managed to reinterpret the timeless beauty of three classic stones: Vicenza stone, Travertine marble and Ceppo di Gré.

This collection features natural and elegant designs, capable of transporting us back in time, rich in nuances, colour and textures which create a sensory experience that goes beyond the eye.

The 7 colours of Pietra Kode are available in large format slabs of different thicknesses, allowing for a seamless effect by minimising the number of joints. Its usefulness is absolute, making it suitable for use in any application, from façades to floors, claddings or bathroom and kitchen worktops, both indoors and outdoors.

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Pietra Kode Collection

Handcrafted pieces with a unique and timeless design

Interior designer Manuel Espejo reveals that more and more clients are demanding pieces of decoration and furniture designed exclusively for them, which add personality to their spaces and make them stand out from the rest.

Craftsmanship and art are the tools that interior designers use to bring a different accent to each project. Fortunately, the skilled work of the craftsman and the fact of having precious and quality objects is once again appreciated. According to Santamaría, “craftsmanship provokes a feeling of human connection that is increasingly necessary”.

When designing bespoke furniture, Cosentino recommends using any of the new colours of the Pietra Kode collection, which helps create exclusive, functional and genuinely beautiful pieces, such as this table made in VK04 Grafite.

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Furniture VK04 Grafite Dekton

Entering the era of hyperactive interiors

In an article for the Silestone Institute, Marisa Santamaría explains that we are entering the era of hyperactive interiors. “They are spaces that are the opposite of passive, that activate and reactivate people through the modulation of light, surfaces that provide temperature changes and digital connections, intuitive technology, integrated nature... All the elements around us take care of us, of every activity we undertake, whether it is work, leisure or relaxation.

For her, the new spaces that are being introduced are not only intended to be inhabited, but also seek various wellness and health processes, adapted to each person and lifestyle. In this way, spaces are cared for, are more comfortable and improve people’s health. All this along with a commitment to the environment, improving energy efficiency, recycling, the use of clean energies, among others.

Design surfaces such as Dekton and Silestone play a key role in the creation of hyperactive spaces. In combination with lighting, textiles, craftsmanship and technology, they manage to create these sensations, taking care of people and the environment.

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Presentedby shop in partnership with Silkway Company, part of Al Hokair Group. Designed by Carmelo Zappulla from External Reference studio

More open and integrated kitchens and bathrooms

There is a clear trend that is growing in popularity every year and is here to stay: opening up the kitchen to the living room and the bathroom to the bedroom. This type of refurbishment provides spaciousness, light and fluidity in the home, allowing you to enjoy these spaces beyond their functional value. The kitchen, as the heart of the home and the epicentre of social life. The bathroom, as a space to relax, unwind and take care of oneself.

The key to integrating these spaces lies in the blend of surfaces, colours and finishes, as there must be visual continuity throughout the house. This integration can be achieved with surfaces such as Dekton, using the same flooring throughout the house and selecting different cladding materials for walls and furniture pieces in order to differentiate spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Furthermore, according to Manuel Espejo, functionality and ease of cleaning are also paramount in these specific areas of the home. “My clients value both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the designs I make.” For this reason, we recommend using Dekton in different thicknesses to clad walls, worktops and furniture, as maintenance is minimal and design possibilities are endless.

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Flooring and cladding VK01 Nebbia Dekton

The beauty of curves for architectural features, furniture and decorative items

For some time now, curves have been used extensively in architecture for columns, staircases and walls, but also for furniture such as armchairs, sofas and tables. Experts believe that curved shapes provide comfort and tranquillity, softening the appearance of the place and making it more organic.

Spaces become more dynamic, expressive and welcoming, which ultimately promotes well-being in the home by making us feel safe and at ease.

This table, designed in the new GK07 Ceppo colour from the Pietra Kode collection, represents this trend with its rounded edges that soften the typical rectangular shape. Thanks to versatility of the ultra-compact stone Dekton and its wide variety of colours, you can create unique, timeless and durable pieces like this one.

Image 36 of AMB05 Living Room Dekton VK04 Grafite and GK07 Ceppo Detalle e1675708495681.jpg?auto=format%2Ccompress&fit=crop&ixlib=php 3.3 in Interior design trends for 2023 according to our partners - Cosentino
Furniture GK07 Ceppo

Discover the new series Dekton Pietra Kode

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