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Tuset Restaurant

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Silestone®: Tuset Restaurant (TW07), Barcelona

The Grupo Olivé, owner of popular restaurants in Barcelona, collaborated with Jean Pierre Marty, president of the Adisa group, for the project management of their latest challenge: turning the famous Restaurante Reno, one of the most famous in the city, into something new.

This legendary Barcelona restaurant – and popular nightlife haunt – was built in 1961 by Alfonso Milá Sagnier, who recently passed away, and Federico Correa. Together they also designed restaurants such as Flash Flash, Il Giardinetto, and Portés, discos such as Up & Down, and the Monitor and Atalaya residential buildings.

The design, quality, presentation, innovation and efficiency are the most impressive values of this new restaurant, TUSET (Two7). Attention to detail, excellent cuisine, top quality premises and products are the hallmark of all Grupo Olivé’s restaurants.

The new ideas they bring to the restaurant industry, good practices, and consistent service are values shared by Cosentino. They therefore chose Silestone® as a benchmark of quality for the design of their exceptional restaurant.


PROJECT:Total transformation the the old Restaurante Reno
LOCATION:Tuset 27, Barcelona
THE TEAM:Jean Pierre Marty (Project Director) ES! Estrella Salietti (Interior design) ADISA (kitchen installation) Mármoles Empordà (Stone mason)
COLOUR:Red Eros Tebas Black
Image of tuset02 in Tuset Restaurant - Cosentino

A revolutionary idea in the restaurant world can be seen with the creation of the Tuset that had Jean Pierre Marty at the head this exquisite innovation. The novel idea is the kitchen yet not the kitchen itself, but its strategic location in the most important area of any restaurant.

A kitchen among the table

Jean Pierre Marty came up with a revolutionary idea: putting the kitchen in the middle of the restaurant, surrounded by tables and completely open to diners. Everything is in view of the diners: the stoves, cooks, ovens, ingredients, etc. Total transparency.

With this kitchen concept, diners are part of the creation of the dishes, there is a connection, a link between the kitchen and the clientele is created, it is close, it is contact.

At Tuset everything is ready for the creation of the perfect atmosphere and the enjoyment of every detail. The layout has been designed so that each element plays a key role in the diner’s experience.

Tuset is definitely on the cutting edge of design and it is the pioneer of a new generation of restaurants.

Image of tuset03 in Tuset Restaurant - Cosentino

Silestone®, a radical step

Stainless steel is usually the most common material used in professional kitchens, but this time, as diners are in complete contact with the kitchen, a more elegant material was required. After considering options such as marble, Silestone® was chosen as it was the most radical step that could be taken for a professional kitchen.

Silestone® met all necessary requirements for a kitchen of this type, such as resistance, easy cleaning, low porosity and in addition, antibacterial protection. There was only one problem: Health and Safety required a concave juncture, and, until then, it had never been made in Silestone®. This was not a problem for Jean Pierre Marty, and after spending a few days at the Cosentino factory with the company’s experts, they came up with a solution that met the hygiene regulation.

Red Eros and Tebas Black

Renowned interior designer Estrella Salietti, in charge of the design of the restaurant, chose Silestone® Rojo Eros Red and Negro Tebas. The material used in the main kitchen was for two worktops with mitred apron and backsplash, and the transition between the worktop and the wall was created with a concave join. These worktops are used as support tables. In the centre of the kitchen is a worktop that acts as a kitchen side table and has a reinforced apron with a bullnose edge. The kitchen also has 4 shelves, all in Silestone® Rojo Eros.

The kitchen in the centre of the restaurant is made of Silestone® Negro Tebas, and has a regulation curved backsplash and mitred apron. The material has been used for the work tables and the mise en place area of the kitchen.

Another area of work tables for the kitchens, where many of the dishes are prepared, has a worktop and bar in Rojo Eros. In total about 35 m2 were used.

“’With Silestone we were able to combine hygienic technical requirements and aesthetics”
Jean Pierre Marty project director

Image of tuset04 in Tuset Restaurant - Cosentino
Image of tuset05 in Tuset Restaurant - Cosentino
Image of tuset06 in Tuset Restaurant - Cosentino

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