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New Dekton Stonika

Comprised of six stunning new hues, the new Dekton® Stonika Collection draws inspiration from the most coveted natural stone materials – with spectacular shine and unrivaled durability.

Ultra-realistic Design

Unlike other surfaces, the use of a thick vitreous layer is not necessary with the Dekton® XGloss Stonika technology. This allows for sharper designs and in turn, an ultra-realistic appeal.

Thermal and Scratch Resistance

Dekton® Stonika is part of the XGloss Collection, having the same scratch resistance properties as other polished colours. Base and surface behave to temperature changes in the same way by avoiding common cracks due to the difference in expansion between the two elements.

Sublime Edge

Dekton® XGloss Stonika is designed as a unique piece, unlike other products where a glassy layer is distinguished. Its surface layer is almost imperceptible due to the thickness. It's the thinnest on the market and it fuses perfectly with the base by creating a single more compact and resistant material.

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Olimpo takes inspiration from the very best Carrara marble for the most discerning customer. Dramatic, elegant veining against a soft white background is accented by its dazzling shine.


Also inspired by Taj Mahal quartzite, Taga offers a more modern interpretation to align with the latest trends while maintaining the true character of the stone, with gray tones and marble veins to highlight the structure.


Sogne captures the distinctive, weathered beauty of Grey Pulpis natural stone. With a texture that blends natural stone and aged concrete, it evokes an industrial aesthetic with the juxtaposition of its ultra-glossy shine.

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Korso embodies the same texture as Sogne, but with warm, luxurious earth tones. Grey veins coupled with its intense base makes a stunning statement.


Arga embraces the iconic texture and soft warmth of Taj Mahal quartzite. The soft, creamy background with subtle veins intensifies its dramatic structure.


Bergen channels the perfection of Portobello natural stone. Its intricate, sculptural structure is strengthened by its lustrous finish.