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Cosentino presents Dekton Slim XGloss

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Committing to innovation and research for its brands and products is a key objective for Grupo Cosentino

As a result of that tireless compromise, the revolutionary Slim thickness, measuring just 4 mm, is presented for the first time in four spectacular colours with the polished finish of the ultra-compact Dekton® surface. The Natura18 (XGloss Natural series), Halo (XGloss Solid series), Arga and Bergen (XGloss Stonika series) offer sophistication and a unique shine.

The sublime I+D carried out by Cosentino professionals has made it possible to create a technologically advanced and unique surface on the market, as there is no other option that combines such thinness with such an extraordinary and spectacular mirror-like shine.

This launch is part of an additional 10 references to the Slim chromatic palette that Cosentino is introducing internationally with the most sophisticated, textured and structure-rich tones of Dekton® to embellish the home’s most important spaces.

In addition to the polished finishes, there are now matte finishes in six colours: Aura15, Edora and Bromo from the Natural collection, and Trilium, Laos and Lunar from the Industrial series. With this development, Dekton® Slim has a 19-reference colour palette.

Slim is the thickness that has brought about a complete revolution in the architecture and design panorama offering a surface that combines the extraordinary technical and mechanical properties that characterise Dekton®, with a much finer thickness (4 mm) and a much lighter weight (10kg/m2).It is also easier to handle and install.

If we combine its hardness, high resistance to scratches and stains, low water absorption and manufacturing in large format boards, with an expanded and exquisite colour range, Dekton® Slim establishes itself as the perfect option for those applications requiring high performance and lightweight materials at the same time, such as, for example, furniture coverings, door coverings or large panelling, among others, whether for new construction or restoration projects.

Dekton® Slim Colour

Halo (XGloss Solid collection), Natura18 (XGloss Natural collection), Bergen y Arga (XGloss Stonika collection), Sirius, Zenith (Solid collection), Nayla, Aura15, Opera, Edora, Sasea, Kovik, Sirocco, Bromo, Kelya (Natural collection), Lunar, Kreta, Trilium and Laos (Industrial collection).

The great success of Dekton® Slim

Dekton® Slim has been showcased at key architecture and design exhibitions, such as the Milan International Furniture Fair (Italy), KBIS (USA) and Espacio Cocina SICI (Spain), and the response from both professionals and end customers has been very positive.

In its short life, Dekton® Slim scooped first prize in the “Product Innovation Gold Award” category at the British Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2019 and it is a finalist in the EK&B Business Award 2019 in the “Best Surface” section, also in the United Kingdom.

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