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Five tips to creating a luxurious at-home spa bathroom

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Wellness and self-care are important elements of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This has created the popular trend of integrating spa-like features into luxury bathroom design. We’ve put together a list of tips and trends for creating an at-home spa – from full renovation ideas, to simple bathroom additions that will give you the ultimate R&R experience.

1. Outfit & organize your space

Equip your bathroom with plush towels, comfortable throws and pillows, and keep slippers and a robe nearby. Ensuring your space is clean and clutter-free will help turn a chaotic, busy bathroom into one that feels relaxing and worry-free.

2. Calming colours

Choosing the right colour palette is integral in creating a serene space. Neutral and soft colours are not only timeless but initiate a feeling of calmness. When it comes to surfaces, Dekton is an excellent option for bathroom spaces thanks to its extreme durability and variety of colours. It works well as flooring, countertops, wall and shower cladding, and can even be used to surround your tub. Available in over 60 beautiful shades, finishes and thicknesses, you can design your bathroom to have a cohesive feel throughout from the cabinetry to the walls

3. Set the mood

Ambiance is a key component to creating a spa-like space in your home. Consider soft, warm-toned lighting with a dimmed effect to create a cozy, restful space. Scented candles can also provide another layer of area lighting while offering a gentle fragrance to the room. Low, comforting music such as soft jazz or nature sounds will add the final layer of luxury to the space, allowing rest and relaxation to take over.

4. Fine fixtures

Enjoying a long soak in a hot tub or a meditative moment in a steamy sauna can easily be recreated at home with the right plumbing fixtures. Consider investing in a new shower trim system. Many come available with options like massaging wall jets and showerheads that produce rain-like spray patterns. Choosing a deep soaker tub is also a good idea for intense muscle relaxation.

5. Appealing appliances

Consider including a coffee or tea station for relaxing beverages or invest in a mini-fridge for cold drinks and keeping facial products like serums, face masks and eye masks cool and refreshing.

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