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Cosentino announces the launch of Silestone Iconic Black colour in Canada

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Black and white are two fundamental colours when it comes to interior design. Silestone recognizes the importance of these colours and recently revolutionized their black and white offerings by launching Iconic Black, an intense black that exudes elegance and distinction in any application and Iconic White, the purest, lightest and brightest white quartz surfacing available on the Canadian market for quartz materials.

"A dramatic contrast to the vibrancy of white, Silestone’s newest colour addition, Iconic Black enhances the brand’s black offering — a new modern staple with a brilliant lustre and high durability, perfect for kitchen countertops, vanities, bar tops, wall cladding and more. Black has been a notable trend over the past few years with and continues to remain a staple in contemporary design.

"Building on Silestone’s success of White Zeus Extreme, one of the best-selling colours in the brand’s history, Iconic White takes popular white quartz to the next level with its unparalleled vibrant and luminous appearance. Known for being an integral part of the design palette, Iconic White embraces a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. The colour is expected to be a big hit with designers for a variety of applications in residential and commercial settings.

Cosentino’s Research and Development team worked hard to develop these colours ensuring an extraordinary degree of shine and saturation without compromising the surface’s extreme durability, which makes it a category leader. As with all Silestone natural quartz products, Iconic White and Iconic Black are virtually non-porous and never need to be sealed. The product is easy to clean and has high scratch, stain and heat resistance.

Iconic White and Iconic Black are the brand’s first colours created with Silestone® N-Boost, an advanced and innovative technology that further improves the technical and aesthetic properties of Silestone, allowing for intense colour and an improved glossy finish. In addition, the technology makes the daily cleaning of the surface easier than ever before, thanks to its water-repellent properties.

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