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Cosentino’s 2018 Canadian Fall Surface & Design Trends

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Fall is an exciting and busy time of year when it comes to home renovations. As the holiday season approaches, homeowners are motivated to make significant changes to their home in preparation for family gatherings and entertaining. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite surface & design trends to spark some inspiration for your next project.

Design Trends: Dekton Orix_countertops_fronts_backsplash


Industrial-Style Kitchens

Industrial-style kitchens are seeing a resurgence. Known for its functionality and versatility, this trend mixes elements such as exposed brick, wood and metal to give the space a distinct character and feel. The Dekton Industrial Collection offers surfaces that reflect aged, rusted metals and the degradation of concrete. The collection pairs well with the industrial aesthetic and promises hardworking durability that ultra-compact Dekton is known for.



Design Trends: Silestone Eternal Marquina_Kitchen Island


Dark Countertops

Dramatic, dark-hued countertops are on top this fall when it comes to surface design trends, providing a grounding focal point in the kitchen. Make a statement with Silestone Eternal Marquina, a surface with

a bold veining that is sure to stand out.






Design Trends: Denise McGaha's Lilac Kitchen with Silestone

Mix and Match

Do you love the look of bold surfaces, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to completely commit? We have some good news! Mixing and matching your countertops is on trend this fall, providing homeowners with the opportunity to introduce different textures and shades for a completely custom look. Use a neutral palette in the rest of the space and add a pop of colour using a bolder countertop. Denise McGaha created this kitchen space using Silestone by Cosentino in Eternal Charcoal Soapstone for the kitchen island, and Eternal Calacatta Gold for the surrounding perimeter countertops, creating balance and contrast.


Design Trends: BonjourBliss Kitchen with Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold Suede finish

Photo Credit: Heidi Lau Photography


Metallic Accents

Gold is bold and brass is back! Expect to see more kitchens and bathrooms to feature metallic accents like gold, brass, copper and silver. Metallic hardware and lighting fixtures add a touch of glamour and create an overall multidimensional design. The unique gold veining in Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold is a perfect surface option to complement metallic accents. Popular blogger and design enthusiast, Roxanne West chose to pair her La Cornue range with Eternal Calacatta Gold for a luxurious and clean look.



Design Trends: Dekton Sirius_Fireplace Surround Cladding

Photo Credit: Paul C Photography


Beyond the countertop

We’re also seeing surfaces used in different ways around the house. The durability and beauty of ultra-compact Dekton makes it an ideal fit for a multitude of applications, including flooring, backsplashes, shower inlays, wall cladding, fireplace surrounds and mantles. With a selection of colours and styles to match any aesthetic, Dekton helps to create unique spaces. Interior designer and regular design expert on Cityline, Jackie Glass, chose to feature Dekton in Sirius for an impressive wall installation in her own home.









Design Trends: Caseys Creative Kitchens_Bayfield Dream Home _Silestone Calacatta Gold Kitchen countertop


Bold Cabinetry

Dramatic cabinetry is marking its territory in fall design trends. Consider jewel-toned shades like navy blue, emerald or ruby paired with a neutral countertop. Jillian Summers, designer of the Bayfield Dream Home worked with Casey’s Creative Kitchens to feature deep, navy blue cabinetry set against Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold countertops for an exquisite overall look.



Design Trends: Silestone Snowy Ibiza_Vanity top

Photo Credit: Stephani Buchman Photography


Floral Accent Walls

The 70’s are back and better than ever! Floral-patterned accent walls are making their way into Canadian homes, especially in bathrooms and powder rooms. For a fresh, modern take on this design classic, opt for muted or neutral tones in large-format prints. Interior Designer Vanessa Francis chose a grey-scale and yellow floral wallpaper for her bathroom, tying the space together with brass accents and a Silestone Snowy Ibiza vanity top.





Design Trends: Silestone Eternal Marquina table top

Photo Credit:


Marble-Inspired Custom Furniture

Marble stone has been a design staple that has withstood the test of time. The natural stone element can be found in décor accents from small interior plant holders and lamps to larger pieces like custom tables and chairs. Go custom by creating a one-of-a-kind table topped with a marble-inspired slab from Silestone or Dekton. It will not only look beautiful, but it will be much more durable than a traditional wood table or natural marble.






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