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Cosentino at Expo Revestir 2023

  • Cosentino innovates in a stand design with Hispanic and Arab influence, bringing a “Cosentino Oasis” to Expo Revestir 2023
  • The expert architect Juliana Pippi created a convergent resting space among earthy tones for Cosentino

Great advances of humanity are the fruit of Islamic civilization. And this story intertwines with the trajectory of the Cosentino Group, which has global headquarters in Almeria, Spain. To contextualize this plot with a special project, Cosentino invited the expert architect Juliana Pippi to materialize this project, which brings together striking sensory elements, emphasizing the visual scope, touch and smell, with the texture of the materials and through the proposal of the “Aromatic Kitchen“.

With a career spanning 23 years and elected as one of the best designers in Brazil by the World Design Rankings, Juliana Pippi created a convergent resting space among earthy tones for Cosentino at recent Expo Revestir, which took place from March 14th to 17th, in São Paulo Expo.

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The Aromatic Kitchen was one of the stand's highlights, which features Dekton® Umber on the countertop. The piece, which is valued thanks to the indirect lighting of the place, is part of the Kraftizen collection and is a material known for its high resistance to fire, friction, scratches and stains, as well as the other Dekton® lines. On the occasion, the bench was one of the sensory stimulation points.

The Aromatic Kitchen was the setting for a thematic menu prepared by chefs Juliana and Renata, from Consuelo Cuisine, during the event. Thus, the stand established a connection between the region of Andalusia, a metropolitan area formed by hills, rivers and agricultural fields on the south coast of Spain, where the city of Almeria and the Cosentino factory are located, and the Arab villages that were there about 800 years.

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With regard to the Dekton® Kraftizen series, the pieces Albarium, Argentium, Micron and Nacre also made up the project, still involved by Dekton® Onirika, launched in 2022, but which debuted at the fair with the products Awake, Trance, Neural and Sônia. On the occasion, the project also showcased the debut of the Dekton® Pietra Kode collection, which arrived in the colors Marmorio, Avorio and Ceppo.

With resistance to scratches and stains, the Silestone® Sunlit Days collection was also in evidence in the project, with the pieces Cala Blue, Arcilla Red and Posidonia Green. Cosentino's space also reinforced diversification in terms of the countless possibilities for applying the company's products. Dekton®, for example, is versatile as its used has functionality linked to the thickness chosen for the project, being used in loose furniture (tables, bench and sofa), on the kitchen shelf, in the cachepots and even on the furniture doors of the bench.

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The Silestone® Ethereal Collection was another attraction at the Cosentino stand at Expo Revestir, represented by the Glow hue with HybriQ+ technology, produced with a minimum of 20% recycled material, 100% recycled water and only renewable electricity.

According to Juliana Pippi, the stand's design presented Cosentino's own origins in line with products of high resistance, durability and versatility. "The space exhibited a fusion of Hispanic and Arab influences, being inspired by the region where the Cosentino factory is located. fair, with lounges that function as a great oasis and aromatic cuisine that explores other senses”, stressed the architect, who was inspired precisely by her travels around the world and an immersion in the Alhambra to conceptualize this entire project.

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Cosentino Brasil's Marketing Manager, Andreia Cristina Mariotto, highlighted the stand's great milestone. "It's an opportunity to get to know the potential of our materials and see how some combinations can work in practice, with the resistance to high temperatures that Dekton® offers in kitchen worktops, for example", she revealed.

Imagery of the Cosentino’s stand at Expo Revestir 2023 here

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