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Cosentino’s Q&A with AD Design Show’s AD Apartment Designer: Sasha Bikoff


The 2019 edition of the AD Design Show’s AD Apartment displays the work of one of AD‘s New Creatives, interior designer Sasha Bikoff. This 31-year old New Yorker exhibits a unique style that shines throughout the AD Apartment. Bikoff’s exotic and unexpected design pairings complement her use of Dekton Bergen by Cosentino. Dekton Bergen bridges the gap between style and functionality in the heart of the home, the kitchen, making this space feel like a dream apartment come true. In the exclusive Q&A below, Bikoff shared what made her want to become a designer and what inspired her to create this year’s AD Apartment.

Come see the AD Apartment at the AD Design Show, Thursday, March 21, through Sunday, March 24, 2019 at Piers 92 and 94 in NYC.


  • Tell us about your background. What drew you to want to become a designer?
    • Following my college studies majoring in art history and fine arts, I knew I wanted to take an even deeper dive into the art world. I interned at a contemporary art gallery where I ended up working for four consecutive years upon graduating. While I don’t have any formal interior design training, I have found that is what helps set me apart and gives me my edge. From an early age I was mesmerized by interiors and the art of transforming a space. I’d like to think that it runs through my veins and was passed down from my ancestors. Take my grandmother, for example–she was an amazing tastemaker and I’m proud to say that the apple doesn’t fall far. She took joy in taking on the task of decorating multiple homes that she owned. She also hosted incredible events, overseeing each and every detail. She was known for creating decadent flower arrangements for her events that she gathered from her very own garden. I channel my grandmother in many of my designs in some shape or form.


  • How would you explain your design style?
    • In general, I can design in any style that is needed for the project I’m working on. I naturally have a good eye, and I’m able to adapt to different styles. However, my personal style is very Marie Antoinette at Studio 54, a mix of French Rococo, 1970’s and 1980’s Italian style, and some 1960’s French flair.


Where do you find inspiration for your design projects?

  • I am inspired foremost by my clients and the overall vibe of the space in which I am working. After that, I would say my biggest inspiration comes from nature, fashion, my travels, film, and art.


  • What is the theme of this year’s AD Apartment, and where did you get your inspiration for the theme? What do you think makes it stand out from previous years?
    • The theme is uptown girl living in a downtown world. The person who would live in the AD Apartment is very worldly, well traveled and lives a maximalist lifestyle–mixing contemporary furniture with antiques. Think Brittany Murphy in Uptown Girls and her rock and roll, eclectic downtown apartment mixed with Dakota Fanning’s Park Avenue pre-war townhome. I see a lot of myself in this year’s theme, as well. I grew up uptown in NYC, but have been living downtown for the past 9 years. I wanted the apartment to feel lived in and feel like there’s vitality in every detail. Ultimately, I wanted to feel as if it were removed from the trade show atmosphere.
  • What were the must-have design elements for the AD Apartment (materials, design, functionality, etc.)?
    • In order for a space to have character, presence and a sense of whimsy, there has to be an array of vintage pieces and antiques that celebrate design throughout the ages. I brought in many antiques from my personal collection to help reach that look. The tiger print wallpaper was also a must-have since it really sets the color tones in the space.


  • What has the response been to the design of the AD Apartment?
    • Internally at Condé Nast, everyone is very excited! The term “Instagram Candy” has been thrown around a lot. It is a real treat for the senses with many Instagrammable/photo-ready areas.


  • What is your favorite art piece in the AD Apartment?
    • The Shiseido print is my favorite! It gives the space such a glamorous vibe.


  • How much does durability play into this design?
    • Durability is very important with clients because they are hiring you for your expertise on what is both functional and stylish. Things have to work and be maintained well in a home. Dekton is the perfect combination of the two with its high resistance to UV rays, scratches, stains and thermal shock and sophisticated blend of raw materials: glass, quartz and porcelain.
  • Among all of the different options, why did you decide to incorporate Dekton Bergen into your design?
    • I chose Dekton Bergen because it has beautiful grey veining, which channels the perfection of Portobello natural stone, and a spectacular shine and unrivaled durability. The gorgeous tones of Dekton Bergen complement the greys of the apartment. By incorporating this neutral-colored stone, we created a break between all of the color and patterns throughout the home, which really tied the space together. From a functionality standpoint, Dekton is at the forefront of design and durability, which also drew me to the product. I wanted to create a space that felt lived in and has all of the qualities I want in my home.
  • What about Dekton Bergen do you think stands out in the AD Apartment?
    • Dekton Bergen has an intricate, sculptural structure strengthened by its lustrous finish. This adds a luxurious feel and classic elegance, which is perfect for this space. It really completed my uptown meets downtown vision.
  • Would you use Cosentino again in upcoming projects?
    • Yes, definitely! As I said before, clients are working with us for our expertise in functionality and design. Cosentino has both. I am impressed with the variety of colors, finishes, and collections Cosentino has to offer. The possibilities are endless when it comes to color and application–you’re not limited just to countertops. These gorgeous stones can be used on flooring, facades, wall cladding, stairs and more. I’m looking forward to using Cosentino again in future projects.


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