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Cosentino Design Alliance Member, Nar Bustamante Discusses Creative Process & More

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This year Cosentino unveiled its latest influencer program, the Cosentino Design Alliance. The inaugural class comprises seven leading interior designers across North America, with expertise spanning the residential, hospitality and commercial spaces. 

One of which is Nar Bustamante, president and principal designer of Sacramento, Calif.-based Nar Design Group. In an exclusive Q&A below, Nar discusses his creative process, work as a designer and more.

Nar Bustamante | Sacramento, Calif.

Nar Bustamante, president and principal designer of Sacramento, Calif.-based Nar Design Group, was born in Mexico City and raised in San Francisco. His extensive travels throughout Europe, North Africa, and North America have played an influential role in his appreciation for art, culture and architecture. These cornerstones, along with his own clients’ artwork, provide the inspiration for his international award-winning and highly publicized designs that exude luxurious modern, eclectic and innovative aesthetics — never leaving room for predictability.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given when it comes to design or your career?

Stick with what you know, yet always remember to push the boundaries of what that is. 

Which “design rules” do you think are made to be broken?

Every single one!  Design is an evolution of humanity. If we do not break the rules sometimes, we will get stuck.

What have been some of your most unlikely sources of inspiration?

Sleeping. Waking up from a dream in the middle of the night with the answer to a design issue or a newly inspired design direction.

What do you consider to be a pivotal moment in your career?

Understanding and accepting that fear creates limits. The pivotal moment in my career was when I decided to live by my deeper ideologies and standards. Although these ideologies and standards are always evolving, each day you must “walk the talk”! In being true to myself I found that over time the people around me aligned with me on a deeper level of life and passion. 

What is your favorite Cosentino color? 

All of them! I’m currently having a good time with Dekton Laurent. I can say this about so many other finishes—each of them eventually finds a design that calls for it.

Name one destination you find inspiring, and why.

The Ocean for the relaxing effects of the negative ion energy it provides. Visiting the ocean allows me to see the expanse of the world and the expanse of thought in a regenerative way.

Can you tease any exciting projects you have in the works?

We are currently working with a fabulous client on creating a modern Santa Barbara Estate. Celebrating the classic curves and arches of Santa Barbara architecture with modern contrasts is extremely dynamic and I am excited to see how it takes form over the next several months with the finishing elements of the interior.

Can you share a favorite or memorable project that you specified Cosentino for?

95% of my projects have Cosentino surfacing. Each is memorable in it’s own way, most have been published or awarded for design which is always exciting, but the most memorable part of any project is the experience I had with the client.

In your opinion, what is the most important design element when it comes to making a house feel like home? Why?

Design must be functional and reflect the needs and aesthetic of the client. Without all of these things in harmony, a space is just materials. 

Are there any design elements or styles that you feel are representative of where you live? If so, what are they and do they impact how you design?

Dekton by Cosentino perfectly aligns with Californian Indoor/Outdoor living. The versatility and beauty of the product is significant for California design and beyond. The versatility of the application possibilities allows us to design any element of a home without boundaries. 

How do you think the coronavirus will impact the design industry and/or the way you design?

We must be creative in our navigation of the unknown- being quick to fill the needs of our clients in this new era. I can see home designs in the near future incorporating “clean rooms”. Spaces as you enter the home for shoes, clothing, and goods to be removed and sanitized. These rooms will be a combination of an entry, mudroom, prep kitchen with space for a large format sink for space to sanitize foods prior to bringing them into the living spaces. Also, I see the need for larger seating and dining lounges as more time with friends and family will be spent at home.

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