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Outdoor Living with Dekton


Raise your hand if you’ve barbequed on your deck in January.  Planned an outdoor spring party when there’s still snow on the ground? Spent the coldest weekend of the year ice fishing or snowmobiling? Put a rink in your backyard? Canadians love the outdoors!  With four diverse seasons to enjoy, homeowners take advantage of their outdoor spaces, using them year-round.

Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen or an open-air living space, Dekton by Cosentino is the ideal ultra-compact surface for both interior and exterior applications. Dekton is highly scratch resistant, fade-resistant, completely stain proof and has a high resistance to heat and cold allowing it not to scorch or crack under extreme temperature changes. It also has zero tolerance for water absorption giving designers even more of a reason to use it in wet areas of the home and in outdoor design projects.

Here are a few ways Canadian designers are using Dekton to create beautiful outdoor home extensions:


Dekton Danae

Pools & Wet Areas:

Thanks to Dekton’s high resistance to hydrolysis, the surface can be used in in-ground pool and hot tub installations. Its anti-slip technology gives outdoor pool areas a greater level of safety, giving homeowners a peace of mind when enjoying leisure time outdoors in swim areas.


Dekton Aldem

Open-air Kitchen:

Dekton can withstand the heat of a boiling pot, the slice of a sharp knife, and is impervious to stubborn stains. For these reasons, designers use Dekton in their outdoor kitchen projects. It is durable enough to withstand the toughest weather and the most unforgiving home chef.


Dekton Kadum, ©Sara Danielsson

Exterior Cladding:

First impressions mean everything. To achieve the ultra-contemporary look, Dekton offers beautiful exterior home cladding available in 40 colour options including a variety of solid and high-gloss colours and finishes that look like natural stone, wood, steel and textured concrete. Dekton’s paneling system is easy to install, offering homeowners a quick and easy way to improve the aesthetics of the exterior of their home. Exterior wall cladding not only improves the appearance, it increases the strength and safety of outdoor walls.


Dekton Strato

Patio Flooring:

The patio is open! And, in a home setting, the patio is as important as the living room, if not more after a long winter! Dekton floor coverings are an excellent alternative for outdoor patio flooring. It is available in large formats giving designers total freedom with their designs. Ideal for high traffic areas, its extreme level durability and abrasion resistance create a flooring that is easy to clean with little maintenance required.


Dekton Aura, © Fred Donham / Nar Fine Carpentry Inc.

Outdoor Fireplace:

Gone are the days of the modest fire pit. Homeowners are now seeking a more luxurious outdoor living hub complete with cosy furniture and grand fireplaces. Dekton is an excellent option for an outdoor fireplace installation due to its heat resistance paired with its exclusive colour options, including those that mimic beautiful natural stone.

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