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Silestone’s Suede Finish: a design favourite

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Suede accents continue to top the list of design trends for 2017. Whether it’s a velvety paint or a suede upholstered couch, this is one material/ finish that is becoming a permanent accent in many Canadian homes. Cosentino recognizes the importance of this design trend and continues to grow their product offering of their Suede Finish, one of the company’s major surface developments, through the Silestone Quartz line. Silestone initially introduced the Suede Finish to the market 5 years ago, but was only available in a limited selection of colours. Today the company is working hard to expand the desired texture to a larger variety of colour options.



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Silestone’s Suede Finish not only offers a luxurious looking extra matte surface, but delivers high technological performance. Thanks to the integration of an exclusive new treatment, Suede offers extremely high resistance to stains and blemishes. The daily maintenance of the surface is very simple and easy, which always ensures maximum hygiene anywhere it’s used.


Suede, along with two other finishes, Polished and Volcano, guarantee an exclusive touch, unique resistance, and extraordinary aesthetic results that can be used in any interior design project. Look for the Suede Finish in a wide variety of Silestone colours, giving Canadian architects and designers limitless design possibilities.

Watch the new Silestone Suede texture video here:

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