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Silestone Eternal Collection Expands with Five New Colours

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Following the successful Canadian launch of the Silestone Eternal Collection in 2017, Cosentino has expanded the series with five new shades, offering a modern take on some of the most sought-after marbles and stones from around the world. Debuted at IDS Toronto this past January, the new shades feature veining highlights that carry completely throughout the material, resulting in an even more natural appearance.


Eternal Bianco Calacatta combines thick, electric veins with a soft grey background for a dramatic contrast. It is a luminary hue that creates an instant focal point in any space.


Eternal Classic Calacatta is an elegant and subtle shade, reinterpreting coveted Calacatta marble. With uniform, grayish veins that stretch across the surface with a translucent appearance, this shade evokes an authentic resemblance to real stone.


Eternal Desert Silver offers a monochromatic, icy aesthetic. With fine, clear veins, this shade is inspired by the classic and long-lasting marble trend which complements any type of material and architectural element.


Eternal Emperador is a warm, tobacco brown shade with light streaks. It combines tradition and elegance, offering a moody, earthy take on natural stone that also makes a bold statement.


Eternal Marfil gives a soft, creamy and minimalist look, offering a unique spin on Crema Marfil marble. This shade brings an organic serene aesthetic to any space.

Rounding out the total series at eleven shades, the Eternal Collection also includes Silestone’s N-Boost technology. This innovation, patented by Cosentino, modifies the material’s surface at a molecular level to further enhance its remarkable technical and aesthetic attributes. It allows for greater colour saturation and lustre, and also includes an enhanced water repellent property that makes the surface of Silestone even easier to clean and maintain. As with all Silestone natural quartz surfaces, the Eternal Collection has a high resistance to impact and scratching, is manufactured in large formats and can be incorporated in various applications throughout the home.

The new Silestone Eternal Collection colours are available at Cosentino Centres across Canada.

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