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A look inside Jaime Damak’s modern farmhouse kitchen

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Jaime Damak, the writer behind the popular blog Je Suis une Maman, recently renovated the kitchen space in her new home in Sherbrook, Quebec. Jaime chose to include Silestone countertops in her fresh and timeless design with a bright and clean colour palette, including nods to the modern farmhouse style. We caught up with her to find out more about the inspiration behind her space.

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What was the inspiration behind your kitchen design?

Since we were moving to the country, we wanted the inside of the house to mirror the outside. Our inspiration for the kitchen space was a modern, rustic farmhouse. To achieve this, we chose colours that would brighten the kitchen, with a fresh white palette. This adds light to the space, too, since there aren’t many windows. I like the oversized island we included. It allows us to gather when cooking, eating and entertaining. It’s just simply an excellent place for hanging out!

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What made you choose Silestone for your countertop surfaces?

We considered both Dekton and Silestone surfaces by Cosentino for our kitchen, and we were torn between the two. In the end, we decided to choose Silestone because we fell in love with the colour and fine details of the shade we selected – Eternal Statuario. With kids, we didn’t want an all-white countertop, and this colour was the perfect balance with a bright background that features fine lines and tiny specks of shading. Not to mention, Silestone is easy to clean, comes in a variety of shades, textures and size options, with outstanding durability.

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Did you come across any challenges in your design plan for the space?

We did! The room’s layout was not optimized, and there were a few things that we had to change along the way because they weren’t impossible to include. That being said, we are happy with the end result and love the finished space!

What was one must-have necessity you needed to include in the space?

We absolutely needed a farmhouse-style sink. Oddly enough, once our cupboards were installed, I panicked and began to regret the choice of our sink. However, once the countertops were installed, everything blended perfectly, and we absolutely love the sink choice we made.

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What advice do you have for those looking to create a kitchen space that combines beauty and function?

If you don’t have experience, including knowledge, when it comes to designing a space, I highly recommend looking into getting some help. A design expert will see things you don’t or can help highlight all the options you have for the design and make the best decisions for the style and functionality of the space you want.

Follow Jaime on Instagram or read more about her recent home renovations on her blog.

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