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Cosentino introduces Liquid series to The Collection Dekton 2020

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In collaboration with London-based designers, Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham of PATTERNITY, Cosentino has released the Liquid series, the first edition of The Collection Dekton 2020. Inspired by the fluidity of liquid, each individual shade is aesthetically innovative and touches on the future of global trends. True to the PATTERNITY ethos, the series highlights the beauty of nature, environmental awareness and celebrates sustainable design practices.

Liquid Sky celebrates the scientific principles of fluid dynamics and explores the movement of gravity. Light and bright with contrasting details, this shade consists of a white base with flowing grey veins.

Liquid Shell captures the moving connection of the moon and the ocean waves. This textured pearlescent shade offers subtlety and softness and features an off-white rippling pattern reminiscent of the ocean floor.

Liquid Embers represents the meeting point between fire and liquid deep beneath the Earth’s surface. It’s a dark shade with a carbon-inspired design that visualizes the alchemy of elements.

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